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Step count does not work on Gear S3

Using the {ssc} tag results in 0 being displayed for steps on watchface on Gear S3. v4.1 Premium
MarkInMD, 16.03.2017, 20:58
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Amazon app not supported

On the Amazon app it does not support regular Samsung gear watches only Samsung gear live. Can this be corrected?
Carlos Rodriguez, 18.03.2017, 12:38
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I have a KingWear KW88

Hello, i see you app and im fazinated about that. But on my SmartWatch it doesent work correctly. On the Watch there is Android 5.1 I see only black Screen an i dont can set the watches. Can you fix it please, because many People have...
Kühn, 20.03.2017, 11:53
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Anyone using watchmaker on IOS having trouble loading weather information?

I can't get weather information to shown on any watch faces on ios watchmaker app. Anyone got a suggestion how to fix this issue?
Hyunsuk, 22.03.2017, 02:26
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Watchface moves when LG smartwatch Sports comes into dimming

I use LG Smartwatch Sports with always on display, so the display brightness dimmed a few seconds later. The watchface is slightly move to left(I think the center changed). Then, if I make the display bright by touching the display, the face...
Brite, 24.03.2017, 04:49
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Are you going to fix the problems with this app.

Fix the problems with this app. And also get back to me.
Scottshugart76, Today, 04:58

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