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Ambient mode does not stay lit, display turns off

I am using an Asus Zenwatch 3. Prior to the Wear 2.0 update, ambient mode worked normally. After a few seconds, the screen would dim and the ambient watch face would be shown. Since the update, ambient no longer works. After a few seconds, I will...
James Cooper, 10.08.2017, 14:23
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BUG: Date in Gray Circle on EVERY face

A day or two ago, a date inside a gray circle appeared to the left of my watchface. When I changed my watchface it was still there. It doesn't matter if the watchface was one I made or downloaded, it was there. I restarted my watch and it was...
Jeff R, 11.08.2017, 14:41
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Load faces I've created and published without Pro purchase

I lost the face I created in WatchMaker and backed up to my SD card. I had published it to WatchMaker, thinking I could download it if I ever lost my copy. Nope. I can't download MY OWN WATCHFACE without purchasing WatchMaker Pro. This goes...
Fyrefrog25, 12.08.2017, 00:11
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The timer value from the clock complication does not update

The {m1text} variable does not update in real time when assigned to the timer complication of the clock. I have also tried using var_s in the on_second function. That does not work either.
Gary Margolis, Today, 04:56
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The undo feature is painfully broken; it will reset the face at an unpredictable state, most often making you loosing a bunch of work. A redo button would be warmly welcome, too.
n1k0, 09.01.2015, 17:01

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