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Total piece of junk..

Paid $5.99 for watchmaker, then told need companion to work on Samsung S3..Can't connect to watch..Very frustrating..All other programs connect to watch except this one..Wish I had never hears of Watchmaker.$9.00 wasted Premium account means...
John h Bibby, 20.08.2018, 22:53
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Events false or blank

Adding events with internal codes for calendar or below produces false or blank on watch. Events show on watchmaker properly.
Andrew Hochron, 26.08.2018, 01:15
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step counter not working on s3 frontier using a s8

why in the world does the step counter not work with this deal. I got a s3 frontier and a samsung s8 plus phone. needs fixed or help with this. otherwise I need a refund. what's the use in building a watch face if the stuff don't work
Joseph Franklin Shaffer, 03.09.2018, 04:08
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I have discovered a pretty serious bug

You probably don't want me to write about this bug so general public can see. Please contact me for more details.
Lucas LaMonda, 06.09.2018, 22:27
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why does my watchface still not give accurate data

I have updated the app on my phone and watch. factory restored the watch. and every time I check the updates on my samsung wearable app. this same update is in there. it should not be if everything took right. it shows 5.1 on my watch but yet the...
Joseph Franklin Shaffer, 07.09.2018, 02:11
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Watch face not the same as shown on iWatch series

None of the watch faces show up on my iWatch as they do in the pics on your app. The placement of the time, font color, etc are all different. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?
Andrew, 07.09.2018, 16:21
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Purchased watch not showing up in app

Hi, i have purchased Digi 2000 ucolor and i can't use it since it is not showing up in app or on my watch. I have receipt on my email and i can forward it if needed Btw watch is Ticwatch E
Nikola, 08.09.2018, 06:51
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Can not use normal color, all are from orange, not white, black, every mixed with orange, brown. For exemplo When i try change color in seconds.
Jose luis, 08.09.2018, 12:20
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Wont sync to a gear 3 as of this week

As of this week your app will no longer transfer a watch face to my gear s3.
Cory, 14.09.2018, 18:30
113 votes Vote

Persist background not working

When reading cards, watch face shrinks rather than staying persistent as settings indicate. Worked in previous version
Jason, 22.01.2015, 06:43
93 votes Vote


The undo feature is painfully broken; it will reset the face at an unpredictable state, most often making you loosing a bunch of work. A redo button would be warmly welcome, too.
n1k0, 09.01.2015, 17:01
26 votes Vote

Week in year number is wrong

When using the week in year number, "{dw}" command it shows the wrong week number. For example, it is currently showing week 6 and we are in week 5.
Patrick , 06.02.2016, 18:22
17 votes Vote

An WatchMaker app for iOS

I buy the Huawei Smartwatch and use it with my iPhone 6 and the Android Wear app for iOS. Is there an iOS app to use your great collection of watch faces. Or do you know when a app is comming to upload your watch faces with an iPhone.
HaycoOnline, 30.09.2015, 12:15

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