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{wsrp} and {wssp} not working on watch

WatchMaker Premium v3.9.6 on both the phone and watch.
Gen1 Moto 360 BC2A running Android LCA44B
Android Wear 1.4.02470307.gms on phone.

In the WatchMaker app, the previews of watchfaces show the values of {wsrp} and {wssp} as expected, but when the faces are transferred to the watch the values are not present. It seems as those the watch doesn't know those values exist.

Brad Thaler , 16.12.2015, 19:00
Idea status: under consideration


Etienne72, 28.05.2017, 13:35
I've a Huawei P8max and a Huawei Watch and since I updated to Wear 2 and unified Watchmaker App, I get no values for sunrise or sunset time. I need this value to automatically set my whatchfaces brightness.
AlexCurran, 30.05.2017, 07:10
you probably need to send your first weather update from your phone to watch

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