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Gears2 isn't syncing to app

It won't sync with my gear s2 watch please help with problem

Jay parker , 23.12.2015, 03:01
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Josef, 12.07.2017, 09:39
I have the same problem but it just once a week or so. Once I open the app in Android it starts synching for another week and then it fails again. I guess the app has a problem staying active in the background.
Roberto, 26.08.2018, 16:22
Well I have the same problem, I has 8 hours trying and the samsung gear is pair with the phone and watch but this wachtmaker is far from be paired with the watch everithing is in the same network, I change wachtface to samsung or facer and they work nice, but this every time I try to use it it frost my watch I have to rebooting every time, the wachtmaker app on the phone only take a few seconds and not let time to try the transfer , the other apps remain constants and not change to another but yours only two seconds and is replaced by another wachtface, I dont know what to dothis is a lot problem and I dont want to damage my phone restarting it each time I try to use your app. If possible please reinburse my money and in a few years when it be better I can buy it again. Thanks and if you can help me that will be great.
AlexCurran, 27.08.2018, 07:27
This was caused by a Samsung Gear update (R760XXU2CRH1). It was a Samsung not a WatchMaker update. Everything was working well before.
We were given no warning by Samsung they would release this and break our app. Please see this post for a fix :

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