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Use it with Samsung Gear S2

Unable to get S2 to be recognized by Watchmaker. Latest version is installed.

Chris Summers , 30.12.2015, 12:33
Idea status: under consideration


Wayne Thomason, 08.02.2016, 18:07
Gear S2 is Tizen, not Android Wear. It isn't compatible with Android Wear apps.
Felix, 23.03.2016, 20:07
This app is not compatible with the samsung gear s 2? Are they going to make it compatible?
Adrián, 24.03.2016, 04:29
Hi i have Samsung Gear S2 it App no run or not is compatible, please make it work or i wanna my money back.. sorry for my english
esefeld, 30.04.2016, 12:36
I also bought this app hoping to have the beautifull watch faces on my gear s2 soon... Please Support it asap, or if possible return my Money.
Kind regards
Jimmelb, 30.06.2016, 11:08
Hi, no warning that this doesnt work on Samsung Gear S2.
Please refund.
Shawn Zingali, 15.07.2016, 23:58
Come on. Doesn't work with Gear2. Said to pick another watch and it would work perfect. Lowered price to show value and hope for gain. I want a refund
Panoshg, 18.08.2016, 03:02
Would really appreciate this working for the Gear 2. Frustrating to have paid for an app and not get anything out of it. Also, when selecting the watch it said to choose a similar one and to let you know what watch I had, but there was no place to enter what watch I had.
Susan Mullins, 06.04.2018, 01:58
Purchased Watchmaker Premium, was told after I paid for Watchmaker I would have to purchase a companion app....cannot get that app to purchase, show system error, therefore cannot use Watchmaker...please refund my $ 3.99.
AlexCurran, 09.04.2018, 11:34
There are issues with the Samsung store at the moment which have affected WatchMaker since its last update

We are working with Samsung to get this fixed asap.
kamaal, 21.04.2018, 03:22
Still waiting for a solution, I cannot get watchmaker companion app installed on Samsung gear S2. Classic, while it's working (finger crossed) on my S3 frontier
Rich, 27.08.2018, 16:03
Still no Samsung companion app so if you cannot send it to me via email or text or give a download link, I would also like a refund. This would not be cool since I've already made many watch faces with your software.
D Gy, 31.12.2020, 08:44
Megvettem ésnem működik SGW 3 órán. Kérek egy működő verziót. Vagy kérem vissza a pénzem!!!! Szégyen az emberek becsapása

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