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Cannot import .watch files from facerepo using the scanned barcode

Instead of importing the watch face like it used to, it just adds a copy of blue steel to my watches. A few others on Reddit have also reported this problem.


repro steps:
1. view a QR code for a watch face on facerepo.com
2. scan QR code (I used this scanner app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.zxing.client.android)
3. choose to open with WatchMaker

1. blue steel gets added to my watches

1. add the watch from step 1

1. lg g watch r
2. nexus 6p on 6.0.1
3. watchmaker premium 3.9.6
4. deleting the BeautifulWatches folder and re-insalling Watchmaker did not help

ageedoy , 03.02.2016, 07:10
Idea status: under consideration


Fabio, 17.03.2016, 12:21
This happens to me too. But only when I open directly with the app.
When I import it from the import button is okay.

Moto 360 1st running Android 6.0.1
Xiaomi mi4 on CM 13.0 (6.0.1)

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