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Week in year number is wrong

When using the week in year number, "{dw}" command it shows the wrong week number. For example, it is currently showing week 6 and we are in week 5.

Patrick , 06.02.2016, 19:22
Idea status: under consideration


Audun, 01.03.2016, 06:09
I have the same problem, tI think it is a problem on Sony Smartwatch 3
Audun, 01.03.2016, 12:48
Found a Standard Sony watchface, it shows correct week no, so I suppose it is a problem with watchmaker
jadler, 24.03.2016, 19:32
This bug is apparent to me too, making this function useless.

For some reason we are using (correct) week numbers quite a lot here in Sweden, so a correction would be appreciated.
EddyKopy, 05.04.2016, 20:25
Here the same, I have a Huawei watch.
With other watchface app no problem!
EddyKopy, 30.04.2016, 19:25
Now after update problem solved.
Chris Chastain, 04.07.2016, 13:07
I think this is not fixed.

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