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Sending out too many requests to Weather Underground

Weather Underground complaining that they're getting too many requests 4 weather. They say I am exceeding the limit of 10 calls per minute.

Jeff Reuter , 14.06.2016, 15:26
Idea status: under consideration


Jeroen Priester, 22.06.2016, 18:15
Maybe it has something to do with doze mode on Android Marshmallow? (Nexus 6p,Marshmallow) As far as I can recall, it happened when the phone wad laying flat without being charged.
That all the weather requests while in doze mode got queued and send all at once when the phone woke up?
Amir M. Amirebrahimi, 25.06.2016, 11:14
I am having the same problem. For example, I received a notice 8 hours ago (during the night), and one 8 minutes ag (during active usage of both phone and watch)

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