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App Uninstalls itself from watch when i restart my phone.

Just as the title says, anyone ever experience this? All is well till i have to restart my phone. The app simply removes itself from my Zenwatch2. Then the only way to get it to work again is to unpair the watch and reinstall the app on my phone (like a 30 minute process). There is no way im going to do this every time i restart my phone just for my watch face. Sucks cuz i spent a few hours getting my custom watch face just right and purchased premium just to realize that there is a huge bug.
Any insight would be terrific. Thanks!

chris , 20.01.2017, 02:32
Idea status: under consideration


chaluk, 22.02.2017, 15:42
Same thing on my Huawei. When I reboot my Droid Turbo 2, WatchMaker Premium disappears from my watch. The only way to get it back is to uninstall and reinstall WatchMaker. I even purchased the Premium version. it is a pain because i have to go in and select the watch and also select Fahrenheit for the temperature EVERY TIME.
Zak M, 07.06.2017, 01:58
Same thing here. Huawei watch with Android Wear 2. Disappointing that the devs aren't responding about this issue. I've tried reinstalling the app multiple times.
Abel Hoffmann, 15.02.2018, 13:58
Solution: this happens if you move Watchmaker (or any other smartwatch app) to the external memory card. Move it back to internal memory and the problem will be gone.

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