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Calendar entries missing (overflow?)

I use watchmaker to display the upcoming next 2 calendar events. I'm using 3 calendars and have a lot of entries. I also want to the the upcoming events of the next day. Setting this up works like charme and normaly everything is fine. Except sometimes, watchmaker doesn't show the next events. On the watch its seems, that there are just no more upcoming events. Blank entries. After midnight, the events will again show correctly.
I couldn't tear it down to a specific type of calendar entry nor to a specific calendar type (using internal and exchange calendars). I do think, that Watchmaker has a limited buffer of calendar entries, beginning at 0:00am. If there are too many entries for that buffer (from 0:00am till next day) than, after reaching the last entry, no more events can be displayed (because there are no more entries in the buffer). After midnight, the buffer gets flushed and newly filled beginning with the first entry of that day. So the upcoming events are than again displayed correctly.
Could this be?
Would be great, if this one could be corrected! :o)


Mark , 29.01.2017, 09:23
Idea status: under consideration


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