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Calendar entries missing (overflow?)

I use watchmaker to display the upcoming next 2 calendar events. I'm using 3 calendars and have a lot of entries. I also want to the the upcoming events of the next day. Setting this up works like charme and normaly everything is fine. Except sometimes, watchmaker doesn't show the next events. On the watch its seems, that there are just no more upcoming events. Blank entries. After midnight, the events will again show correctly.
I couldn't tear it down to a specific type of calendar entry nor to a specific calendar type (using internal and exchange calendars). I do think, that Watchmaker has a limited buffer of calendar entries, beginning at 0:00am. If there are too many entries for that buffer (from 0:00am till next day) than, after reaching the last entry, no more events can be displayed (because there are no more entries in the buffer). After midnight, the buffer gets flushed and newly filled beginning with the first entry of that day. So the upcoming events are than again displayed correctly.
Could this be?
Would be great, if this one could be corrected! :o)


Mark , 29.01.2017, 09:23
Idea status: under consideration


Lew Galligan, 30.05.2017, 16:46
I'm adding some information to this.

On days where it I have more than 9 calendar events, I'm not seeing the later events. I understand having the limits that are in place for the number of events and I'm fine with that. As the day goes on, the events are properly moving down (example, after event 1 is complete, event 2 becomes event 1 and event 3 is event 2, etc). But the issue is that event 10 does not become event 9. Fixing this would at least allow the later events to show up as the hours go by.
Aaron, 05.06.2017, 22:27
I just recently purchased this application and I am having the same issue...9 or more calendar​ events is fairly common for me

Please update
Bae Boka, 10.08.2017, 13:59
What Lew Galligan pointed out seems to be the case. I thought that the events were getting refreshed in earlier version.. Or may be earlier i had less than 9 events :(
Kristi Franks, 24.11.2017, 13:16
Same issue. It had worked well previously, but now doesn't. Would really like to see a fix for this.
Marcos Coutinho, 07.01.2018, 07:01
Same issue. Never work, Update please.
Russell POWELL, 13.02.2018, 01:41
I have written custom lua function to manipulate calendar event begin time ie {c#b}. Works great for events 1 and 2 but throws c++ exception for {c3b} and above. Even attempting to assign to variable then manipulate variable throws the same c++ exception
Marshall J Habermann-Guthrie, 19.02.2019, 20:52
I have a Samsung Gear Live watch and Moto 5g s Plus. None of my calendar entries are showing, ever. Not sure if this is related to the other issues in this thread. Any suggested fix?
Marshall J Habermann-Guthrie, 19.02.2019, 21:05
...and as soon as I get around to posting, I find the issue: a duplicate calendar. Check your calendar selections folks, take it from me.

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