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Battery status of phone won't update

I've made a custom watchface in the watchmaker premium app. At first everything worked properly but since a day or so my battery status of the phone isn't updating anymore. Only when I click 'set watchface' it updates one time... Ticwatch 2 with Huawei p8 lite....

daanpeco, 17.03.2017, 20:50
Idea status: under consideration


Larry, 21.03.2017, 11:40
I'm having the same issue on an LG G watch. Used to work fine, just in the latest version of the app.

There used to be an option under settings to say how often to update, and one choice was every time you turn screen on. That either great, but can't find that seeing any more. Just like you used to be able to long press at noon to pick a different watchface, but that is also gone. It's like the newer versions are going backwards.

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