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Anyone using watchmaker on IOS having trouble loading weather information?

I can't get weather information to shown on any watch faces on ios watchmaker app.

Anyone got a suggestion how to fix this issue?

Hyunsuk , 22.03.2017, 02:26
Idea status: under consideration


AlexCurran, 23.03.2017, 09:56
Its being added to the iOS app very soon - watch for updates
Mobarr, 01.04.2017, 15:34
Not sure why this app is available to buy for iOS when it isn't completely functional. If I paid through the App Store I would ask for my money back for misleading information. Seriously.
AlexCurran, 02.04.2017, 08:14
Weather is updated this week - there is nothing in the iOS app's description that it doesnt already do today on iOS.

More features are being added every week for iOS users!
Olbap08, 04.04.2017, 14:25
I cant see the weather in the watch ( huawei watch ) i have tryied everything but still cant get a solution. Please fix this. Am on iphone 6 watchmaker pro. Also inhave to use and older version of the watch makee app fornthe watch. Or it wont send the faces to the watch
AlexCurran, 04.04.2017, 14:26
Please wait for WatchMaker 4.1.5 - I have submitted it to Apple which will allow you to send weather.

4.1.5 for Android Wear will also be released this week.
seanc85, 04.04.2017, 14:28
Looking forward to sending weather info to my ticWatch 2!!
Olbap08, 04.04.2017, 14:50
Should be nice.. if i bought the app on ios get the premium app too for the watch
Mike, 05.04.2017, 01:17
Still not getting weather to show up after updating to WatchMaker iOS version 4.1.5. Is there something else I need to do besides update the app? Watch is a Gear S3.
AlexCurran, 05.04.2017, 08:43
Watch and phone both need 4.1.5

I am still waiting for Samsung to approve 4.1.5
AlexCurran, 05.04.2017, 08:43
Watch and phone both need 4.1.5

I am still waiting for Samsung to approve 4.1.5
OLBAP08, 05.04.2017, 13:06
thanks alex curran the update works like a charm. now i can see the weather in the watch and the send problem is solved. for those who cant make it work. u must go to watchmaker /settings/other/tap on TRANSFER SETTINGS TO WATCH. and thats it.

alex do u think will be possible to see battery of phone in next updates. ??
Mike, 07.04.2017, 01:46
Hi. Any idea how long Samsung takes to approve? Thanks.
SKYMASTER, 19.04.2017, 16:38
Is it possible to make that the weather updates from the native app of the watch? i man when you tap on the icon of the weather it updates from the watch.
Mike, 20.04.2017, 02:38
Hi Alex,

I still can't find Watchmaker Companion version 4.1.5 for iOS on the Samsung Galaxy App Store. In fact, I can no longer find any version of Watchmaker Companion. Could you please look into this? I tried contacting Samsung but I'm not getting anywhere with them.


AlexCurran, 20.04.2017, 06:24
Sorry it got removed in the last update by mistake. Samsung are currently reviewing the update which will return it to the Galaxy Apps store for iOS.
Mike, 27.04.2017, 15:30
Hi Alex. Any idea how long it will take Samsung? Your app has been missing for over three weeks now. I tried contacting them by email and phone. They said that they would consider adding it to the store if there were enough requests. Thanks.
AlexCurran, 27.04.2017, 15:40
Well the more requests might help them speed up the process.
For some reason they asked me to change the build so it has deeplink to iOS app even though it was not previously needed.
Still waiting for their feedback.
olbap008, 20.04.2017, 15:13
Alex, yesterday i restored my huawei watch to stock and now i have problems for sending faces to the watch from my iphone.

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