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No information update on ticwatch 2 (iOS v4.1.5)

Hi, still no weather and other data sync with iPhone even I've installed latest phone app. Please help.

Johnson Chen , 06.04.2017, 02:45
Idea status: under consideration


OLBAP08, 06.04.2017, 15:01
its a tread for this.

AlexCurran, 06.04.2017, 16:50
still waiting for mobvoi to approve 4.1.5
AlexCurran, 06.04.2017, 16:50
mobvoi = ticwear team
Johnson Chen, 24.04.2017, 10:29
Alex, I've got my ticwatch 2 upgraded to 4.1.5, and the weather update is working while CloudSync is connected, Thank you very much. However, the CloudSync requires WIFI connection at watch itself and a pop up of "Could not connect to WatchMaker CloudSync -- Please check WiFi" periodically which I didn't enable WiFi (cox which is quite battery consuming). Is it possible to fix this issue? Or may you grab the data from ticwear OS as they provide data as watch's basic function.

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