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Animation issues Always-On Display on Gear S3

An issue have been struggling with when using Watchmaker on my Gear S3 is that animations of any type are extremely choppy on the watch. I noticed that, immediately after switching watchfaces, the face would animate smoothly. But, as soon as the watch goes to dim mode the face never animates smoothly again until I switch faces.

On a hunch, I tried disabling Always-on Display mode. Sure enough, with Always-on Display mode disabled, watchfaces animate smoothly without any issues. Re-enabling Always-On Display causes the problem to occur again. If I had to guess, WatchMaker enters a battery saving mode when switching to dim mode and, due to a bug, remains permanently stuck in this battery saving mode even when awoken to bright mode.

I am running WatchMaker Companion for Gear S2 & S3 version 4.1.0, WatchMaker Premium Watch Face (Android) version 4.1.6, and the latest Tizen firmware on my watch.

MehStrongBadMeh, 20.04.2017, 20:42
Idea status: under consideration


Cyber Chulo, 25.05.2017, 14:07
Yes this is true. I have noticed this when I started using watchfaces that contain animations.
MehStrongBadMeh, 14.06.2017, 05:53
This has been fixed as of version 4.3.0

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