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watchmaker companion ios not found

Hi, I have an iPhone and Samsung S3 Frontier. I have installed Watchmaker Premium on the iPhone but when I open Samsung Gear S App on the iPhone and try to find Watchmaker companion app for the watch it did not appear on the market..

Does any one know how to install the app on the watch?

I am from Spain.
Many thanks for any info!.

Jose Manuel , 21.04.2017, 07:52
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Max, 24.04.2017, 08:24
Hi, I'm from Italy and I have the same problem...watchmaker companion for IOS not found in Samsung Gear S App (for Iphone)..Anyone can help us?
AlexCurran, 24.04.2017, 08:36
Working with Samsung to get this back, Its a slow process unfortunately. Stay tuned.
Max, 01.05.2017, 21:04
Any news? I paid for the full version of the iOS app but I stil can't use with my gear S3...I'm really disappointed about your behavior.
Mike, 12.05.2017, 23:09
It took a long time to get it back but it is there now.
Hasan Sen, 03.12.2017, 18:05
I am Iphone 7 user and I bought samsung gear s3. I bought watchmaker full version. Watchmaker is not available on Samsung Gear S3 app. I tried to download from the link. But I can’t load it. Your help will be appreciated.
Hasan Sen, 03.12.2017, 18:10
The message is
ialonso, 06.12.2017, 01:42
I have exactly the same problem than Hasan.

WatchMaker Companion is not available in -Samsung Galaxy Apps- when the watch is paired to an iPhone.
I tried searching using -Galaxy Apps- in the S3 watch, and the iOS app -Gear S- installed in the phone, and I have no results.

I have all devices and apps updated with the latest official software version. In my set up, location is Spain and spanish is the language.

I also paid for the WatchMaker iOS app.

I’m waiting for a solution in this issue.

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