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WatchMaker new faces won't transfer to Verizon Wear24

Long-time MatchMaker Premium user and fan here (on LG Urbane G1 with Google Pixel phone). Just got a new Verizon Wear24 watch, and while the new WatchMaker app installs fine on both phone and watch you can't send additional watch faces beyond the default ones to it.

I even tried changing the delivery method setting, no luck. Gives a cannot communicate message when I try. Suggestions?

Reed Savory , 26.05.2017, 16:49
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jsanzmo, 11.01.2018, 10:09
Hi all.

The same thing happens to me after the recent update in the watch.
Phone Samsung S4-mini (watchmaker version 4.6.2 (2246201) y Watch LG R.(wmk version 4.7.2 (2547202)

It worked until the update of the application on the watch.

When sending a face, the watch is left with a loading message and the phone warns that it can not connect to the watch; instead, they are connected because the time and event information is sent to the faces.
When I get to unlock the watch (for example, placing a standard face of android, and then selecting watchmaker), I can see that in the watch have been transmitted numerous payment faces (0.99 €, not active because I do not have the payment configured).

Although I erase them, in the next attempt they reload.

That means that clock and phone are connected.

The error may be there: it does not send what the user selects, but other faces until saturating the memory of the relog.

I would like a solution soon because I can only work with the faces already loaded on the clock.
Best regards
jsanzmo, 11.01.2018, 10:38
Solved (11-January-2018)
I have managed to install the version 4.7.2 (2247202) Premium on the phone.
And find the version installed on the watch and send the face.

But, it continues to send many payment phases that I have not sent and that I erase every time I see them from the watch

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