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Ticwatch 2 Steps Not Showing Up

None of the watchfaces are working to show steps on the Ticwatch 2. Ticwear claims this is a WatchMaker bug.

They said they submitted a bug, but I didn't see it here.

Here is my forum posting with more details:

Gordon , 03.07.2017, 03:04
Idea status: under consideration


palmdoc, 05.07.2017, 05:13
Happening for me too since Ticwatch OS 4.1.0
cyborg, 06.07.2017, 19:56
Happening to me too since the same version. The watchmaker {ssc} code never displays more than 4% of what my actual step count is.
David Hamilton, 11.07.2017, 17:35
I am experiencing no steps in my Ticwatch 2 using the stable 4.10.0
jerry, 26.07.2017, 06:52
i cant chage the watch face by watchmaker too after update to tic 4.12.0n
JgBEWA, 14.11.2017, 05:56
Have the same problem on gear s3. Heat rat is way off it it has an reading other than zero.
root_, 05.01.2018, 20:19
Any solution for this bug? Mobile Battery screen und weather dosnt work to.
Watchmaker iOS latest Version
Watchmaker 4.1.5 on ticwatch 2
Jefri, 11.01.2018, 08:39
Gear 3 health steps are not showing
Markus Schyska, 05.03.2018, 18:33
This occurs on Moto 360 as well. Seams to be a bug in {ssc}, because Moto Body app shows steps on watch.
Furthermore {pbl} phone battery level does no more work.
Adarsh Hanjar, 03.05.2018, 10:42
None of the features like weather, step counts & battery percentage etc are not shown in watvhbface whichbi select from app on tic watch 2. Some times it doesn’t load the face at all.

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