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Battery Not Updating in Dim Mode For Huawei Watch

Since the Huawei watch updated to Wear 2.0 and watchmaker integrated both versions of the app into a single app, watch battery does not update on the watch unless you wake the screen into "Bright mode" at which point the value updates and jumps large amounts.

I have performed lots of testing to prove this isn't a temporary glitch or phone / android problem.

1. when this first occurred, I factory reset the watch twice, and since then approx another 5 times during testing with other devices.

2. I have changed my phone from a nougat device to a kitkat device with the same results.

3. I have purchased the watchmaker app twice now, (Purchased on a separate account on my work phone to attempt a 3rd android version (Lollipop)) issue remains.

4. All my watchfaces updated there battery perfectly when in ambient/dim mode before all this watch was upgraded to wear 2.0

5. Even now, any other watch face (built in to the watch or off the store) have working battery whilst my watch is in dim/ambient mode, only watchmaker fails to do this.

6 I've made a simple watchface with just a text element containing the battery variable. pushed to the watch. battery shows 61%. leave my watch for approx 3 hours. screen still dim shows 61%. tap screen to wake and the battery level shown on the watchface jumps to 56%. 5% battery steps were not shown during the screen dim state, yet the time updates in dim mode every minute still. To confirm I am not confusing phone battery with watch battery. I know the difference that phone battery only updates as often as set in the setting and only when the watch is woken. i have no problems with phone battery.

If there is anything I can do to help you look into this matter, please let me know, Without this simple basic feature working, I will have to look else where for my watch faces moving forwards.

Scott Almond

Scott Almond , 10.07.2017, 10:46
Idea status: under consideration


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