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Tasker variables sometimes are not loaded to the watch

Sometimes Tasker variables are not loaded to the watch. I can see the correct actual value in the phone app, it shoes me a correct preview, I'm pressing "sent to watch", the watch face gets updated but with an old variable. Sending variable from Tasker one more time forces updating it on the watch.
So it looks as if the phone WatchMaker had two separate instances of the same Tasker var: one for sending to phone and another one for building preview on the phone. And this two instances can differ.
This happens on Android Wear 2.0, it was fine on 1.5.

Oloendithas, 27.07.2017, 17:02
Idea status: under consideration


manfred4711, 17.08.2017, 23:02
you should shorten the variablenames. I found out, if the name of a variable got more then 15 chars, the update will not work.
If you send a lot of vars in one task, and 1 var_name is too long, the whole transfer fail without an errormessage.
This behavior I found on a gear S3, but I'm sure, that this problem is on wear also.

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