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WatchMaker doesn't work anymore on Gear S3

Since a few days WatchMaker doesn't work anymore on my Gear S3. Companion is installed, I resetted my watch. Please fix it!

Stephan Pusch , 01.09.2018, 03:03
Idea status: under consideration


level3ninja, 01.09.2018, 08:43
Me too, stopped working after the last update yesterday. I have reinstalled and restarted etc. Still won't load fully, just hangs for a while and then crashes.
AlexCurran, 01.09.2018, 13:19
This was caused by a Samsung not a WatchMaker update. We have put together a fix and already submitted to Samsung! We must now wait for Samsung to review the fix - this usually takes a week but I have requested a faster review.
Khall, 02.09.2018, 05:13
I've just bought the app and then premuim paid too .. and its not working .. now i read there is some issues and i have to wait for samsung to review your fix .. why you didnt stop the app from bieng purchased until its fixed ??? this is scam .. and i will report it
AlexCurran, 02.09.2018, 08:07
It is well documented on all our social media channels and pinned on our G+ community. We cannot make Samsung work any faster. If you complained, you would be complaining to them and they have the fix already - we just need them to approve it.
AlexCurran, 04.09.2018, 13:18
Update 4 Sep : Samsung have approved our patch! Search for WatchMaker Companion 5.1.9 in Samsung Galaxy Apps for the fixed version!

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