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Purchased premium but does not work

I purchased the premium edition but the app does not show I purchased it, my bank account and App Store does though. The app keeps asking me to purchase, once I go through the process it lets me download it for free since I already have it. Then I try to add a face and it will not let me.

Leah , 16.09.2018, 20:47
Idea status: under consideration


Pbknox , 18.09.2018, 10:38
Same problem here - no way of getting in touch with app developers
AlexCurran, 18.09.2018, 19:19
Apologies there was a bug in WatchMaker 5.2.0 now fixed in 5.2.1. Please update to latest and hit Restore Purchases if necessary.
AlexCurran, 19.09.2018, 08:37
With WatchMaker 5.2.1 you can restore purchases by requesting premium again. Apple will prompt you that you already have this purchase and you can have it again for free. Alternatively wait for WatchMaker 5.2.2 (waiting for Apple to review) where the Restore Purchases button is fixed.
rml, 17.03.2019, 19:10
If I've purchased Premium on Android, is there any way to get Apple IOS to recognize it? And get it to find my watchfaces?

I'm using a 9.7" iPad (2018) and a Samsung Galaxy Watch
jill bowers, 31.05.2019, 20:07
I just downloaded and installed Watchmaker for Android. In-app purchase offers 50% off premium ($5.99) but when I try to purchase, it will charge $7.99. How do I obtain the offered discount?

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