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Hollow shapes

At the moment adding an outline to a shape places the outline by means of another solid shape just larger than the original hence the outline.
Making the original shape transparent to display the outline does not help, as the outline then appears as a solid shape.

Niteowl , 08.01.2015, 12:40
Idea status: under consideration


Brak, 10.01.2015, 15:07
Is this in reference to the Stencil text effect? I can't figure out how to remove a Stencil text effect once applied.
FasJackson, 24.09.2017, 08:54
just go back in and re apply it but choose none and it should remove the effect.
Foxandxss, 05.03.2015, 18:09
I also have issues with the stencil effect. It sometimes appears, it sometimes doesn't and when it changes minutes, it leaves the old share behind (it doesn't change).

I can't remove FX as well.
yogaman, 19.03.2015, 14:45
You need to go back into shape effects, pick the shape effect you want to get rid of, then change the Type to "None".
yogaman, 19.03.2015, 14:47
Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to either Brak or Foxandxss.
TJG, 15.09.2015, 21:57
Niteowl - Is that what it does? I've noticed that while the outline color can be different that then the shape, they share opacity. So: a green circle, add red outline, set transparency (technically, opacity) to zero. The outline AND the shape are invisible. I think in order to do what I want, maybe add a real hollow shape feature.
TJG, 08.12.2016, 20:25
Any hope of this getting done? The Outline shape effect DOES have an opacity setting. But it is (apparently) multiplied by the shape opacity. If it is possible to make the shape opacity not effect the outline, then we could use the Outline effect to make hollow shapes. This shouldn't be too hard...right? :}

I did figure out a work around: 1) pick a shape. 2) tap Shape Effects and pick Outline. 3) set the size larger, like 100, and tap the check. 4) tap Shader and select Segment Between. 5) set start and End degrees to be the same value. 6) set % Opacity Outside Range to zero and tap the check. 7) set the Height and Width of the shape to 20. Now you can adjust the size and thickness of the hollow shape by adjusting the size of the shape and size of the outline. They effect each other so you have to play around with it to get it just the way you want. You can go back to the Outline effect and set the color. You can do this with any shape as long as its a circle (apologies to Henry Ford).

Actually you can do this with other shapes, but the Outline effect used rounded corners. The size difference between the shape and the outline is so large that the corners dominate the overall shape to the extent that it is nearly round no matter what you start with. I did discover that if you unlink the height and width and adjust them separately, you can get some interesting effects. Its worth playing around with.

One last comment: because this requires using the shader to make the original shape transparent, one can't use it for anything else. I'd like to be able to make a ring and use the segment-between shader to have part of it open. But the shape shader does not effect the outline.

I think its probably best to implement hollow shape as a completely distinct layer type. Thanks for reading!
FasJackson, 24.09.2017, 09:02
Agreed and thanks for the tips. many times I've wanted to create a ring of various gradient to creat say a chrome effect but then be able to knock out the middle so you can use it as an outline ring for the watch etc but haven't found d an easy way to delete the center so it's transparent. Anyone know of any other tips to do this short of Photoshop on a computer? is there a decent Android app that has an oval selection tool that can do this and save as a PNG to retain the center transparency? I'm all ears. Adobe Mix, Lightroom and retouch don't appear to have a way that I've found u less I'm missing something but would love to do it right on the phone with me I'm not always at a laptop. TY TIA. ;-)

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