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Watchfaces get not transfered to watch

If watches still don't send, please check :
- Make sure WatchMaker face is running on your watch
- Check in the Android Wear app that your watch is connected
- Ensure your watch has the latest version of WatchMaker - often it can be one version behind after an update
- Try an uninstall / reinstall on watch and/or phone.
- Try restarting your watch.
- Make sure WatchMaker is not installed into SD Memory on your phone.
- You need an Android Wear or Tizen Watch
- You can change the Sync Library under WatchMaker App on Phone -> Settings -> Sync Library - try either Data or Message API

Mike , 08.01.2015, 17:28
Idea status: under consideration


Mike , 08.01.2015, 18:29
I getting the same problem only saying sending to watch and then watch screen goes black
James, 01.03.2016, 05:16
Same issue on my Gear Live. All apps up to date and I paid for the premium version but I am unable to get a refund via the Google Play Store.
Same problem here, 28.01.2018, 21:05
I can not download watchmaker companion app due to it does not accept my way of paying. But I've several times bought a watchface but I'm never able to transfer it to my watch...I've a Samsung S3 Frontier.
Ruston, 04.05.2018, 21:36
I bought the Watchmaker companion version for gear S2 and S3 but I can not transfer the watchfaces I downloaded to my Frontier gear. Can anyone help me?
marcel kocherhans, 23.06.2017, 09:28
the watchface is downloaded to samsung gear s3, bug not schoeing.

when doble click yi can see the downloaded watchface, but when selecting it it is not shown.

coukd send screen-shots if needed.

this only happens to some of the whatchfaces.

kind regards
pauline mulpeter, 02.09.2017, 17:43
Hi I'm getting my samsungs 2 gear is not connected to wifi and it is what come on watch is? A digital face and says cpnnect to gear iv unstalled & restalled
Dave , 31.08.2018, 09:04
Here too. Very annoying because and can't use watchmaker at all now :-(
Already tried all as described many times...
Hortax, 08.01.2015, 20:48
Same here on an Huawei G620S with Android 4.4.3 and an LG GWatch R AW 5.0.1
After pressing "set watchface", the app says
"sending to wear" and nothing happens, the watch stays in "steel blue". Please help
Peter, 09.01.2015, 04:52
I'm having the same problem.
Phone Huawei ascend p7 4.4.2
LG G watch r 5.0.1
Isaac, 09.01.2015, 15:07
I'm having the same problem.
Phone HTC M8 android 4.4.4
AlexCurran, 09.01.2015, 19:35
Make sure WatchMaker is running on your phone, that you have an active bluetooth connection and no screen timeout on your phone. Otherwise try an uninstall / reinstall. Sometimes you may also need to restart your watch or http://goo.gl/2EYT7C
Hortax, 09.01.2015, 21:33
Tried it two times, no success
Renee Romeo, 21.01.2019, 22:52
I have also uninstalled and reinstalled! Paid for the premium version and the faces are not going to my watch.
Very poor
Isaac, 10.01.2015, 01:30
I reset my htc m8 and watch,it's still same.
same watch connect to other phone,
it's work.
It's This is happening in 2.9.6, I changed 3d text face, moto360 collapsed after the restart.

I try to recovery 2.9.5,update 2.9.7,
It's still same...
I guess it is a phone Bluetooth mac address with watches mac address does not know what touched, so watchmaker does not work.
Anthony, 09.01.2015, 21:10
I have a GalaxyNote3 and a Gear Live and I'm having the same issues. It will say that it is sending the watchface to my phone but then does nothing.
johnlumley, 09.01.2015, 21:27
I have a Samsung galaxy 4 and a LG G watch R. I have tried reinstalling, and following the steps in http://goo.gl/2EYT7C

I have the same issue: After pressing "set watchface", the app says
"sending to wear" and nothing happens, the watch stays in "steel blue". Please help
AlexCurran, 10.01.2015, 10:08
Check which watchface you have selected on your watch. Some people have installed 2 versions of WatchMaker on Google Play when you only need 1.
Isaac, 10.01.2015, 12:31
i installed one versions
It's same
Hortax, 10.01.2015, 16:38
Only one version installed, the premium one : i'm still unable to sync the watch faces (My last post have been deleted, but using an other app it work's) I want to use your app because i think it's better than the other, and because i have payed for it.
fabrizio , 10.01.2015, 18:24
Ho un note 4 ma la vostra applicazioni non lo gestisce. Ho lo stesso problema.
Jean Marc , 10.01.2015, 23:36
Same problem with my Asus Zenwatch...
Pedro, 11.01.2015, 13:22
I have a Huawei Honor 6 and same problem.
I hardreset my Huawei, Hardreset Wear, and same problem. The App it's whatchmaker pro.
radd, 11.01.2015, 18:03
I am having the same issue since the latest update, the watchmaker app does not show up on watch anymore. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with an LG G watch.
AlexCurran, 12.01.2015, 08:42
Android Wear is a little strange at times and you will see these syncing issues across many watch apps right now.
One behaviour I have observed is if the app crashes a couple of times, it gets uninstalled off the watch and it is tricky to get it back.
Also watchfaces don't get synced over if you have a different version on watch and phone, so typically after updating, these issues arise.

A good first step for any problems is to :
- Uninstall WatchMaker from phone
- Wait until watch has been fully removed from watch
- Reinstall on phone and wait or hit sync from Android Wear to restore on watch
- This will make sure watch and phone are both running the same version
Hortax, 12.01.2015, 13:30
I did it twice today, no change, still unable to send the faces to the watch. The watch shows two watchmaker apps : Watchmaker Legagy and Watchmaker for AW5.
Can it possibly be the origin of the problem ?
AlexCurran, 12.01.2015, 15:39
No they are both the same - one is just optimized for Android Wear 5.0.
Mike, 12.01.2015, 16:05
I'v tried the steps you described, but it did not help. No watchface gets transfered. Intresting, setting the time to 24h display on the app switches to 24h on the watch within a second!
Hortax, 13.01.2015, 13:53
Hey, nice find. Tried to force 24 hour time and.... it works, instantly on the watch... so the phone and the watch are syncing, but not the faces :/
ViciousCircle, 12.01.2015, 14:32
Same thing for me with a Note 4 and g Watch r. It says it transfers, watch vibrates, but screen is blank.
AlexCurran, 12.01.2015, 15:38
If you get vibrate then blank watchface, it means it is sending a watch but that watch is getting an error. Which watchface are you sending? If you have a link on facerepo that would also help.
Viciouscircle, 13.01.2015, 01:30
The vibrate I get is the one that I have set for vibrate on set watch face. It happens for all faces, even the default ones. I have reset the watch, uninstalled, tried the other tricks. Other watch faces from the play store work fine, as does face and it's faces. It seems to be something specific to watchmaker for me.
Viciouscircle, 22.01.2015, 14:44
I've narrowed down the issue, at least for the problem with a blank face after transferring that I was having. When I set a numbers layer, and then set a text effect on that layer, the watch transfers a blank watch (or, maybe it transfers nothing). But, if I remove the text effect from that numbers layer, then everything works properly again.
Paul , 12.01.2015, 17:25
I am able to see the blue face but none of the others despite the message that it was sent to the watch. It's watchmaker legacy, Samsung Gear Live, 4.4

Help is greatly appreciated
Isaac, 13.01.2015, 04:57
ok,i have try like this:
(1)htc m8 reset
(2)moto360 reset
only install android wear ,connect,watchmaker.
Don't work.
Isaac, 13.01.2015, 05:03
Watchmaker can not send face: http://youtu.be/767_A5GhGw4
Jaime, 15.01.2015, 14:54
I'm having the exact same problems. Why is it everyone is not getting an answer to fix our problems. I've done all the reset options and everything to try and fix it but low and behold does not work. Makes me more mad I paid for premium for nothing. This has to get fixed.
AlexCurran, 15.01.2015, 19:40
We are actively investigating. Things to try if you haven't already :
- Try without installing the WatchMaker app on sdcard.
- Try transferring a simpler watch, e.g. one of the built-in watches.
AlexCurran, 15.01.2015, 19:44
Also try :
- Set a longer screen timeout on phone and watch.
- See if other settings transfer to watch, e.g. 24 vs 12 hours in settings

If ANY of the above works, please please post here and share so we can figure out whats going wrong!
Hortax, 15.01.2015, 20:13
Hi Alex. I tried all you suggested : only the 12/24 hour setting changes the time displayed on the watch
Peter, 16.01.2015, 13:22
Phone Huawei ascend p7 4.4.2 rooted
LG G watch r 5.0.1
only the 12/24 hour setting changes the time displayed on the watch
RW, 16.01.2015, 18:02
Same problem
LG G3 + LG watch R
Hortax, 17.01.2015, 21:47
One more thing : i tried the latest beta. The 12/24 hour override don't work anymore
paulo, 18.01.2015, 01:06
Same problem, but for me it is a litle diferent, when i select set watch face, it does nothing... it only apears the sugestion of buing the premmium version...
AlexCurran, 18.01.2015, 08:59
You need premium version (one off $0.99 payment for unlimited watches) to send over watches with your own photos.
Mike, 18.01.2015, 15:25
I switched to Beta and nothing changes. Watchfaces still get not transmitted, switching between 12h and 24h works fine as does changing the display timeout.
Chris, 18.01.2015, 22:30
Here are two faces that will never transfer to the 360:
Hortax, 20.01.2015, 05:28
Yipeee ! It work's !!!! Deleted all .watch file on my phone, cleaned all junk and dowloaded some new watchfaces and Tadaaaa. Sorry for having be so long to find a way to use this great app.
Mike, 20.01.2015, 16:22
Congratulations! Mind sharing which junk to delete and which watchfaces you downloaded?
Hortax, 20.01.2015, 21:57
Hi Mike. I did the following : uninstall Watchmaker from my phone then did Settings > applications > Media Storage > clear data, force stop and reboot.
Removed the BeautifulWatches directory from the phone, created a .nomedia directory on my sdcard (using TotalCommander). Not sure if it's related but AW changed the display on my phone from " connected sync loop running" to "connected" then re-installed Watchmaker et voilà
Mike, 21.01.2015, 04:26
Hi Hortax. Thanks for your efforts, for me it did not work. I did exactly like you described, the only thing changed is that i can not set the 24h override anymore. Oh well...
Hortax, 21.01.2015, 05:37
Try to disable develloper options in the phone settings, maybe it will help
Hortax, 21.01.2015, 19:30
The change in the display came from disabling develloper options
Cesar, 20.01.2015, 15:57
I´ve just bought the app and it doesn´t work. The same problem. The app says
"sending to wear" and nothing happens.
Nexus 5 and LG Watch R
saibian, 20.01.2015, 17:39
Here the same problems! Nexus 5 Lg G Watch R.
It doesn't sync my own watch face! Why?
I have buy the premium. Please fix that!!!
Isaac, 20.01.2015, 17:46
i used 3.0.0
it's don't work too
AlexCurran, 21.01.2015, 09:39
Make sure you use the correct watchface on watch. Only have 1 version of WatchMaker installed on your phone to avoid confusion between the Premium and Free version.
Isaac, 21.01.2015, 12:06
I think I found the solution. Yesterday, I tried to remove the sd card, it will work. So I think there is some residual archive sd card, cause this bug. So I re-installed on the memory card is formatted, re-install to normal.
Mike, 21.01.2015, 14:08
I removed the SD-Card and WatchMaker starts working as intended!!! Backuped the SD-Card, formated it, restored only folders from known Apps and now WATCHMAKER IS WORKING !!!!
Hortax, 21.01.2015, 14:49
I knew i forgot mentionning one detail, and it was this point : remove any watchmaker related file on the SD Card. GG Issac
Isaac, 21.01.2015, 14:51
Can help to you is my pleasure
AlexCurran, 21.01.2015, 17:23
This is great and also very strange!
Any ideas what on the sdcard might be causing watchfaces not to send.
You mean an extra sdcard right, not the primary storage?
Hortax, 21.01.2015, 17:28
Yup, the external sd card
Mike, 21.01.2015, 17:57
I have no idea, but it was not the Beautiful Watch folder, because i deleted i at least 10 times before. Could it be somethin in the "lost" folder? Also, i deleted all the hidden folders.
Peter, 21.01.2015, 15:00
Removed the sd card from the phone and it worked!
Hortax, 23.01.2015, 09:49
I've found another thing, that i think have to be fixed in a near future. Setting the default storage location to the external SD Card causes the problem : no watchface transfer to the watch. Setting it to internal memory solve's the problem.
jjde, 23.01.2015, 19:55
I get the same thing on LG G Watch and Nexus 5. I have tried reinstall of the app. And even reset my phone to factory same thing
allan, 25.01.2015, 03:35
I have purchased the upgrade. But I am having a problem where any face I make it will not send to watch, but if I download from facerepo it works fine. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't help.
Britt Dietz, 27.01.2015, 07:51
Having the exact same problem as everyone is mentioning here on my Verizon Note 3 with Moto 360... I can't send any watch faces to the 360. It says 'sending to wear' and nothing happens. About to ask for a refund if this doesn't start working....
Salah, 31.01.2015, 21:19
Having the exact same problem not able to send any watch faces, please solve it or refund my money.
lerieur, 05.02.2015, 05:55
Having the exact same problem not able to send any watch faces, please solve it or refund my money.
AlexCurran, 06.02.2015, 11:20
Please check the following :
- Make sure WatchMaker is running on your watch with the correct watchface, e.g. WatchMaker Premium
- Make sure you have an active bluetooth connection from phone to watch (check in Android Wear companion app)
- Disable screen timeout on your phone
- Otherwise try an uninstall / reinstall
- Sometimes you may also need to restart your watch
- You may need to remove Watchmaker from sdcard storage (see discussion above)
alessandro buzzi, 07.02.2015, 08:08
I have a note 3 and a lg watch r. The app worked well until this morning update. then I can transfer every watchface but what I create this morning is not transferred. when I push 'transfer' I just get a vibration but nothing more or, sometimes, a black screen on the watch
Willion, 12.02.2015, 12:09
I have a acer jade s and zenwatch. I have uninstall app and remove the folder BeautifulWatches. Restart my phone, reinstall app on google play and restart my watch. I'm sure my watch is connected, but it still not work, when I choose another face like 'Sweeper' , the face on my watch is still 'Stell Bile'.
And 12hr/24hr not work either.
Marc, 12.02.2015, 17:54
I, too, have a Zen watch. I removed all traces of the program and re-installed the premium version but can't get a single premium watch face to download to my watch. Please refund until a working version is available.
AlexCurran, 13.02.2015, 10:30
Please ensure you have only one version of the app installed on your phone (Free or Premium)
Willion, 13.02.2015, 13:52
I clear out all saved data. and done all the suggestions on
this site: http://goo.gl/2EYT7C

I'm sure there're no residual data on my phone and my watch.
And I'm sure my watch is connected.
Then I pay and download WatchMaker Premium Watch Face V3.2
from google play. But the same thing occur...

I can see watchmaker foe AW5 Premium and Legacy Premium
on my watch. but both of these not work!
I can only see 'Stell Blue'
Willion, 14.02.2015, 07:32
I try:
[1]remove zenwatch manager, watchmaker.
[2]Delete the folder 'BeautifulWatches'.
[3]Clear all the data on Google Play services.
[4]Remove AndroidWear, restart my phone and Reset my watch.
[5]Reinstall AndroidWear and pair with my watch.
[6]Reinstall Watchmaker Premium V3.3 from google play.
Still not work! feel so sad.....
Isaac, 16.02.2015, 17:45
Format ur sdcard,
and reinstall it.
Linda, 15.02.2015, 15:36
I am having the same issue. Was working until last week. Motorola Droid Turbo and Moto 360. All up to date, and uninstalled and reinstalled all applications, including upgrading to the paid version of the WatchMaker. Please reply with a fix.
Isaac, 16.02.2015, 17:45
Format ur sdcard,
and reinstall it.
Linda, 16.02.2015, 19:07
I do not have an SD card. It is a Droid Turbo. I have uninstalled and removed all associated files. I reset the watch, and then reinstalled the paid version. Same issue. Just orange and red circle, nothing loads. We need a real fix.
Willion, 17.02.2015, 01:40
So do I! I do not have an SD card, and do all things like Linda.
When I use watchmaker for my face. my face become 'steel blue'
But when I change another face, it's not work! It's still 'steel blue'.
Isaac, 17.02.2015, 02:04
backup u know's folder.
and format Internal storage.
There are some remnants of the cache cause of this situation, but I'm not sure where it is.
So i suggest you have to be formatted.
Willion, 17.02.2015, 15:20
Well....I reset my phone....reset device.. and got the same ending....
Now I feel very very....
And no official one help me or solve this problem!!!
If I can't get your help here, what's the meaning for setting this web!!!
Isaac, 17.02.2015, 15:30
When you remake the phone, there are clear all the internal data storage devices? Maybe the remaining cache hidden in you think the known date.
Willion, 18.02.2015, 03:45
I think so.... What I did is 'factory data reset'. It will erases all data on phone. And before I did that, I cleared all data on Google play services(Apps..Google play services..Clear cache..Manage space..Clear all data). So I think there is no residual data on my phone.
Isaac, 18.02.2015, 03:56
That is really strange. I had also reset the phone with the watch, still can not change the face. But the last remnants of the cache was found in the sd card ...
LSP, 03.03.2015, 16:47
After today's update have same issue, no transfer, and black watchface.... NOTE 3 - LG G WATCH R
Matteo, 10.03.2015, 18:16
I have the same problem. I have a LG G WATCH R 5.0.2 sync with a Samsung Galaxy tab pro with Kitkat 4.4.2...
Steve, 12.03.2015, 07:01
Hi. I have the same Problem with Honor 6 and Moto 360.
App is on phone and watch the same Version. But no Sync of watchface.
Willion, 12.03.2015, 15:20
Waiting, waiting, and waiting, one month pasted.....
Still no correct method.
AlexCurran, 12.03.2015, 15:26
Did you check app was not installed on sdcard?
Willion, 13.03.2015, 01:20
Did you ever see my statement above?
Version: Watchmaker Premium V3.4. Only one version in my phone.
Phone: Acer Jade S which with no sdcard.

What I even do was:
[1] phone: factory data reset* watch:reset device
[2] reinstall android wear and watchmaker.

What I can see is still default watch face.
While I press 'SET WATCHFACE', I can see 'sending to wear' on my phone but everything was not happened.

And by the way, the changing of '12 hour/ 24 hour' was work.
You mentioned about 'screen timeout' I can not find it out on my phone. But I guess it's the same about 'sleep'.
What I do was
*settings *Display *Sleep *30 minute.

So no sdcard! No residual data! No 2 versions!
What's wrong?
f2n, 29.01.2020, 15:32
Dear Alex, I tried ALL that and it doesn't work.
Compass (and time zone), only works on phone but not in watch.
Willion, 15.03.2015, 03:32
Again.... 2 days left, no reply....
I feel they are too slow for soling this problem!
FutileExercise , 15.03.2015, 10:03
Having the same issue on my LG G Watch R, but not on all watch faces. Some load fine while others just freeze the watch. 2 examples are the Aviary Rotomatic and Bumblebee. Won't load at all. Also have experienced high battery drain on my phone using Sportwatch V1.5. Watch battery was fine. Must being doing lots of battery intensive request. Was outside so shouldn't have had any problem getting location information, but not in the best area for signal. My Oneplus One lost 20% battery in an hour. Was fine when I changed to an alternate watch face.
AlexCurran, 16.03.2015, 09:28
Please try the following :
- Make sure WatchMaker is running on your phone and the correct watchface on your watch
- Check that you have an active bluetooth connection
- Otherwise try an uninstall / reinstall
- Sometimes you may also need to restart your watch.
- Try without installing the WatchMaker app on sdcard.
- Try transferring a simpler watch, e.g. one of the built-in watches.
- Set a longer screen timeout on phone and watch.
- See if other settings transfer to watch, e.g. 24 vs 12 hours in settings
Willion, 16.03.2015, 17:37
What I try is just built-in watch face,and I've done all the following.
But face also not change.
Viktor, 16.03.2015, 10:16
Hi, all.
I've got moto 360 and lg nexus 5.
Custom watchfaces haven't had worked for me before l transferred the standard one. After that all watchfaces are available to transfere.
Arnahud, 16.03.2015, 14:42
Watchmaker don t appear in my moto 360! !! I have a note 4
derrell, 17.03.2015, 02:04
I have put this off for 3 days thinking that something would work, but it hasnt. I have a new LG WATCH R and Watchmaker Premium app. right after I bought the app, it worked, but it was very unstable. then it just stopped sending watches to the phone. at first it was at least making the phone blink like it was receiving info, and then it just quit altogether. I have no idea what to try. I have done everything I have read and still no luck. something has obviously changed, but I cant figure it out. Does the creator of this app ha ve any idea what the hell is going on or are we left to just guess?
tdcs, 17.03.2015, 22:51
Try removing elements from the watch and see if it goes.
I narrowed it down to two date elements and after removing them the face goes to the watch without any problem.

@Dev: A bit of unrequested advice: Please take a careful look at this. This seems to be a bug in the code. Stop recommending people to re-install the app, etc. It has not worked for most people in this thread. Just fix the bug. You have clearly spend a lot of time in this app, and it is absolutely great when it works. Don't let a small bug ruin the experience for your users.
Willion, 18.03.2015, 04:37
Yeah, this is also what I want to say. This is not our problem, this is your problem!
I can not see any action on this problem! All I can see was copy and paste, and repeated.
This app is updated many times after we mentioned the problem about changing face, but it's still not fixed.
AlexCurran, 18.03.2015, 10:13
tdcs - thanks for the input on the date elements - I'll see what I can find out
Michael Seidel, 22.03.2015, 17:44
Alex, 4 days since the last comment here. Did anything happen? Or did I miss something? Concern is for me still the same :-(
naeem, 26.03.2015, 21:14
i also could not see the watchface app on the watch (samsung s5 and lg watch r)

i updated the watches firmware (took about 20 mins) and tried again.

restarted the watch, deleted the beautiful face folder from the phone, restarted the app and it bloody worked.

start the android wear app
check if the watch is connected
start the watchface app
change to the watchface watch on the watch
and send the desired face to the watch
took me 6 hours to figure it out!!!!
naeem, 26.03.2015, 21:15
running 3.1.2 of watchface app not latest
naeem, 26.03.2015, 21:37
sorry 3.3.2 not 3.1.2
Willion, 27.03.2015, 05:25
I can see the app on my watch bot I can't change the watch face.
version 3.5 released, and problem's continue.
I bought this app at 2/13 and still get nothing!
I still waiting for Alex with no right advice and no apologize!
You should fix it soon, this is your duty!
AlexCurran, 27.03.2015, 08:53
Wllion - please try the 11 point plan at the top of this post - this was updated today.
We are also adding new syncing logic soon which will add a progress bar to further troubleshoot issues.
Willion, 27.03.2015, 12:01
Have anyone tried that and been successful?
Have you try to realize that if is it effective?
I reread this 11 point plan, and I'm sure it's not work.

I install only one version, my phone has no SD card,
my watch is connected, even face from other app is always worked.

I choose simpler built-in watch face like 'Sweeper', but nothing happened after I hit 'SET WATCHFACE' once.
And when I transfer 12 vs 24 hour, it's worked. So this app is running, but can not change face.
Michael Seidel, 28.03.2015, 17:12
Gents, I tried the 11 steps and still transfer of a watchface does not work. Not of an installed one nor a simpler one. Helpless :-( Always stays with 'steel Blue'.
Michael Seidel, 28.03.2015, 17:17
Just for info: In 'steel Blue' the time setting change from 12h to 24h and way back work perfect, within a second. But no other watchface.
christakis psyllides, 29.03.2015, 06:15
I cannot believe that this issue has still not been properly dealt with! We have paid and are not getting g any advice apart from the usual stuff most of us have tried BEFORE we resorted to leaving a comment here. Please do not ask me to go through the mythical 11 point plan as I have tried that a least 3 times with no effect. I run a standard HTC m8 with a LG watch R with the latest software. All the other watchfaces work as they should. Yourd is the only one. You should address this as a priority as its been a problem for long enough. It few like we are not getting service to be honest! We should be warning people about buying this before they try the normal free version, which I should have done to be honest.
AlexCurran, 29.03.2015, 08:20
This is a priority for us. We have spend a day building a new syncing engine for the next version 3.5.1. Hopefully this will help in most cases.
Willion, 29.03.2015, 14:19
The fist one asked it at 1/8, and now you say you spend a day for fixing it?
You ignored our issue for 80 days and now you say this is a priority for you?
I feel very uncomfortable about your attitude!
You should not say sorry to us?
You have no liability to pay compensation?
Hortax, 30.03.2015, 12:19
I believe it is a Kitkat bug... I'll try to root my phone and install SDFix... Stay Tuned
yannis78, 30.03.2015, 12:41
The same problem I paid the full version and I can not change watchfaces,I am a little upset
I have an Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and a sony smartwatch 3
I buy another application on the store and I cab not use it because they use watchmaker
Can you solve the probleme it makes a long time.now
Thanks and Best Regars
raoultatw, 31.03.2015, 00:44
upgrade to 3.5.2, still can not send new watchface to watch
mi2S + zenwatch...
AlexCurran, 31.03.2015, 08:12
3.5.3 is being pushed to Google Play - should hopefully fix this - please try again in a couple of hours
Willion, 31.03.2015, 09:35
Problem's not fixed!
Yannis78, 01.04.2015, 09:30
Your software was working in November but now nothing,can you do an update because we paid for this?
I don't manage to change watchfaces
It's written sending to wear but nothing changes
Thanks and Best Regards
AlexCurran, 31.03.2015, 09:37
willion - how many watchmaker watchfaces do you see on your watch?
it should just be one - please make sure this is selected before you hit 'set watchface'
do you get any errors on phone when you hit 'Set Watchface'?
Willion, 31.03.2015, 10:58
Yes, just one and version on my watch is just 3.5.3
I choose watchmaker, face on my watch is steel blue.
Nothing happened after I hit SET WATCHES for changing it.
GavinB71, 31.03.2015, 11:10
Had all of te prblems listed above. In fact haven't even seen a Watchmaker Watchface at all on my LG G Watch R (only options are 18 preloaded). Reset, restarted, updated ad infinitum. 11 part plan etc. Just doe all again so interestingly Alex I do have v3.5.3. All that happens now is a white screen on the watch with 'Unfortunately Watchmaker premium has stopped...ok'
Drawing board?
GavinB71, 31.03.2015, 11:17
No Steel Blue. Nothing at all.
Willion, 01.04.2015, 17:16
Long time waiting again...
I don't know how nice this app is (because it never worked for me),
but I do know how awful their service is!
Alex could you please reply us faster?
Could you please let us know what's your progress now?
Could you please fixed it quickly? 84 days passed already!!!
AlexCurran, 01.04.2015, 18:04
its working in majority of cases - we have an average review of 4.52 out of 5 over 300,000 users.
but we are working hard to find out what might cause errors for some phones.
Willion, 02.04.2015, 02:05
Just because most user use it normally, I feel you ignore us for a long time!
This is not our problem but yours, but when call help, all we get from you was 'copy & paste answer'
You haven't tried to solve our issue, you think problems happened because of our error setting.
This is why I feel uncomfortable, we did not get good care!
Yes users who cause error like us was fewer, but we have the same right, right?
derrell, 02.04.2015, 17:19
I was really frustrated with the app until I tried doing exactly what someone posted. load the watchmaker premium (red logo) from the phones faces menu and then push the watch face you want from the phone. it replaces the red logo with the watch face you want. worked for me at least.
Willion, 03.04.2015, 17:45
So we must keep waiting?
How many time do you need?
When could we use it normally?
Guido Seevens, 04.04.2015, 06:58
Hi, I am having issues with the main script not updating when sending a new version to the watch for debugging. The only way I can get it to work is to export it, delete the watch in watchmaker and re-import it.
Latest version Watchmaker, Nexus 5 L5.0.1 and LG G Watch R 5.0.1
Willion, 08.04.2015, 00:35
Alex one week pasted since you replied last time.
And how is your progression? Are you keep fixing it?
And when could we use it? We paid it for a long long long time ago!!
Willion, 10.04.2015, 06:58
OK, I give up and don't want to wait anymore.
Please just refund my money!!
TheTechMan, 17.04.2015, 05:58
Stressful times huh? Same issue. You have to build a rest button on the premium app to clear out the free version. The free version, if installed first, makes errors for the full version, and think about it... Everybody is going to do that. We just need a way to reset the whole app if we buy premium. I think that's the source of this bug.
AlexCurran, 17.04.2015, 13:52
TheTechMan we already do that - if you try and set a watchface and have both apps installed - it will force uninstall the free version.

We also added point 14 in the sticky post at the top - please review this if you still have problems.
Willion, 17.04.2015, 16:18
So you back to your opinion again that all is our problem but not yours?
Please try to find out why and fixed it. Look at it! http://i.imgur.com/26E755B.png
I say it again that this is YOUR PROBLEM!!
If you don't want to fix it, please just refund my money.
Too slow, really too slow!!!
BRAZIERS, 17.04.2015, 17:39
Got my Moto 360 today. Won't even show Watchmaker on the watch. Can't find it.
Reset the watch, Reset the phone. Nothing. Tried re-syncing apps to the watch. Nothing.
I previously has Watchmaker Free installed on my phone, paid for the full app to create some better watches, all before even owning the watch.
Disappointed to say the least.
David martinez ramos, 20.04.2015, 09:43
After months I can't transfer watchfaces. I have paid for an appthat doesn't work. I'm using a lg g watch. Please solve it.
AlexCurran, 21.04.2015, 12:54
see earlier post: its working in majority of cases - we have an average review of 4.52 out of 5 over 300,000 users.
but we are working hard to find out what might cause errors for some phones.
AlexCurran, 21.04.2015, 12:54
please check you have followed all 14 points in the post at the top to resolve the problem
Willion, 22.04.2015, 14:05
Did anyone worked after follow all 14 points? Please 'raise your hand'.
Alex please don't say that again, ok? I've try to solve it before I came here, and I've seen those 'copy and paste answer' in many other web. I don't need to waist my time if they are solvable.

Just like noname's say, saying the majority of users have no problem is not a solution to the rest of us.
I just realize that high score doesn't promise high quality. Actually I asked for help on google plus, on Reddit , even send message and mail to you, but you haven't gave me any reply.

I tried to say clearly about my situation several times here, and I even tell you I've tried those point but it's not worked. But badly what you tell me was still that uniform useless answer. Have you ever concerned about us?

Your hard working promise nothing! The first one posted here at Jan.8 and now it's Apr.22, 104 days passed! Why don't you start to solve it at the beginning? Don't tell us you have an average review of 4.52 out of 5 over 300,000 users but you can not solve user's problem after over three months hard working!

You haven't see it as a important problem because it's working for most people.
You never apologize to us because you think that problem occurred because we do not follow the 14 points.
We really regarded as idiots!

I just wanna know:
How many time do you need?
When can I use it normally or when can you refund my money?
AlexCurran, 22.04.2015, 14:40
Willion I am pasting the link to the 14 point troubleshooting guide at the top of this post because most people on here will have a fix if they follow these steps.

I am sorry the app has not worked for you - please send us your order number (admin.androidslide@gmail.com) and we will of course give you a full refund.
Willion, 22.04.2015, 15:02
Alex please see all message above, did anyone fixed after doing that?
I don't know how do you know 'most people on here will have a fix if they follow these steps'

I'll send you soon and I hope I'll get reply this time.
Micke, 22.04.2015, 15:35
Hello, I've buy your app the 04/22/2014 and I make all 14 sections of your site, but, it's never possible watchfaces transfert with my Huawei Ascend Mate 7 on my Motorola Moto 360. I've the newest Android Wear apps build Please help me or if you can help me, please refund me. Thanks
AlexCurran, 22.04.2015, 15:41
Micke, I am sorry the app has not worked for you - please send us your order number (admin.androidslide@gmail.com) and we will of course give you a full refund.
Micke, 22.04.2015, 16:12
Thanks for your reply Alex, but I prefer that you find a solution instead refund me.
AlexCurran, 22.04.2015, 16:23
No problems - please try again when version 3.6 goes live next week,
Micke, 22.04.2015, 16:27
Or, I sent you an email with my order number and you sent me the 3,6 beta for test ?
Micke, 22.04.2015, 16:34
I will remove my note and comment on Google Play now. I'm sure you'll find a solution :)
a person , 22.04.2015, 18:34
Let's just clarify something here. You have 50000 downloads. Seems unlikely that reflects 300000 users. You have under 5000 reviews so, taking your figure of 300000 users that's 295000 who weren't impressed enough to review, despite your nag-for-a-review approach. Less than 2% have clicked your popup to review.

Please don't hide behind misleading numbers. Regardless of how many people are effected, there is clearly a problem and you can't expect all your users to have no screen timeout on the phone and watch just to make it work.

Attempting to prevent me from posting by blocking my email won't work.

Removing my comments is futile. A lot of people are unhappy and if I be lived you had 300000 downloads that would need well over half a million pounds for poor software. Get it working or get refunding.
MarkWilkes, 22.04.2015, 19:15
Works perfectly on my device (Galaxy S5 / Moto 360) - ignore the trolls Alex Curran - you are doing a fantastic job!
Wikinger, 23.04.2015, 07:40
I have a Problem as well...

Updated my Z1 last week with the new lollipop...yesterday updated Android Wear.
Now I can´t transfer any Watchfaces any more from Watchmaker. The only working is "Steel Blue"

And yes, I already installed everything new, reseted the watch, started my phone and my watch several times...doesn´t make it better...

Any else having these problems?

Micke, 23.04.2015, 14:07
Hello Wikinger,

I don't work at Watchmaker, I'm a customer, I've solve my problem and I've a solution. What's you Android phone please, you've root this ?


Willion, 23.04.2015, 15:58
I describe my situation again here, hopes help for find out what happened.
phone -Acer S56 which has no SD card while use dual SIM. web: http://goo.gl/nFiCnf
watch -Asus zenwatch which has software version 5.0.2
Watchmaker -Only install the newest premium version, version on phone and watch are the same.

-Only one icon on phone and watch.
-Face change to watchmaker after hit that icon.
-12/24 hour changing is worked but face changing is not worked.
-Watch face keep at 'steel blue', face can not get transferred even built-in face.
-I've try those points on top several times but it's not worked.

By the way now I am using facer and it's always worked.
So what item perhaps cause this error?
Simon , 24.04.2015, 19:19
Watch face does not transfer. Have rebooted phone and watch.
wendigo, 27.04.2015, 13:49
Same issue. Watch face does not transfer. Have rebooted phone and watch.

The free app appears on watch, but when I bought the premium and did the uninstall of free version... the watchmaker don't appear on watch.
Uninstall, install, reboot both, reset smartwatch... nothing works.

I need help, I bought the premium version...
AlexCurran, 27.04.2015, 19:54
Sometimes Android Wear takes a few hours to sync watchfaces to the watch - to show WatchMaker as a selectable face.

If when you hit 'Send Watchface', it doesn't transfer, make sure you check the troubleshooting steps at the top of this post. We have talked to many people on here who now have this working by checking these steps.

We also have an experimental fix in 3.6 beta which may help devices which are still having problems sending watchfaces.
ShawnB, 02.05.2015, 06:54

I too am having issues with my G Watch R not being able to have faces sent to it. I noticed, however, on the settings screen that shows build number that the watch build number never updates. It's always stuck on just 'connecting'. Maybe it's connected somehow?
ShawnB, 02.05.2015, 18:45

As a Second thought to this, when I removed my SD card from my Note 4 I got an error from Watchmaker Premium that it couldn't find the SD card and thus couldn't download the watch face. Not sure why it defaults to the SD card. But could also be a source of why it's not working.
ShawnB, 02.05.2015, 18:45

As a Second thought to this, when I removed my SD card from my Note 4 I got an error from Watchmaker Premium that it couldn't find the SD card and thus couldn't download the watch face. Not sure why it defaults to the SD card. But could also be a source of why it's not working.
raoultatw, 02.05.2015, 07:29
Upgrade to 3.6.0...still "steel blue", nothing transfer to watch....disappointed!!
mi 2S + zenwatch...
Wilhelm, 03.05.2015, 12:07
After upgrade to 3.6.0... Black watch is the result after transferring a watchface. Needs restarts to display the transferred watch. this version seems to have bugs!
somone, 05.05.2015, 14:52
I see we're still deleting perfectly valid comments, blaming users and/or Androidwear and basically not fixing it. It seems your much promised fixed in v3.6 has not helped anyone. Are you going to start refunding now. I want to be at the front of that queue.
CGLee65, 06.05.2015, 01:19
After last update I can no longer send watch faces to my LG G Watch R. It says sending and then nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling the app a d reinstalling and I still get the same thing. It was working fine before the update.
stepic, 06.05.2015, 10:06
I'm using Premium version bought from Amazon App Shop.
It does not work! I couldn't transfer any watch face so far. I tried everything you suggested
jarod, 06.05.2015, 10:38
Ever since the newest update, I, like So many others it appears, can no longer transfer watch faces. I have tried everything in your list 3 times and still no avail. Something in the update has made your app not work. Please figure out your error and patch it. watchmaker is the best app of its sort out there and it is really upsetting to all of a sudden not be able to use it any more. Especially after spending money and devoting so much time. Thank you.
Jeff, 07.05.2015, 00:39
Same here - Moto 360 not getting faces in paid version. Free version of app can transfer the 2, free faces without issue. Tried just about everything in this thread and paid version still does not work.
erwin, 08.05.2015, 01:19
Still no update from the developers huh? IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!!
AlexCurran, 08.05.2015, 18:07
Today we launched a new WatchMaker 3.7.0 beta which hopefully will resolve this issue for the remaining devices with problems. We are now using a new API recently introduced by Google which should be more reliable.

We are particularly interested to know whether the beta will help the people above who are having problems syncing.

Please could people give feedback on whether the beta is working for them. Beta available for free - see links here :
Jeff, 08.05.2015, 19:22
I purchased the premium app from Amazon's app store. How can I try the 3.7.0 beta?
AlexCurran, 08.05.2015, 19:57
The beta versions are free to all google play users fully unlocked. If you don't have access to google play wait for the final 3.7 release in a week or so.
Jeff, 08.05.2015, 20:09
My phone took the update already. No changes, moto 360 not receiving face. Will try some standard uninstall/re install stuff.
AlexCurran, 08.05.2015, 20:15
Jeff do you have 3.7 on phone and watch? You can check both using settings other on phone.
Jeff, 09.05.2015, 17:27
Got it working! Uninstalled premium version from Amazon, and installed free version, and that was the beta apparently. I can now push watch faces to my Note Edge from the 360.
raoultatw, 09.05.2015, 16:59
Upgrade to 3.7.0 beta2, finally it works !!
New watchface can tranfer to watch...thanks!!
mi2s + zenwatch...
anonymous, 11.05.2015, 02:28
I just purchased from Amazon app store 3.6.0 . Installs fine but watch face won't send to phone. Please fix.
anonymous, 11.05.2015, 02:30
Meant to say won't send to lg g watch r. The free version from play store works but not the paid version from Amazon app store.
tmb, 15.05.2015, 04:20
Just installed the free version from the Play Store on my Asus Zenwatch running the latest OS. The basic blue face shows up, but none of the other ones work. I send to the watch, but nothing changes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, restarted the watch, tried various faces, bluetooth is connected.

Shame, I've used this app in the past with a Moto 360 and it was a lot of fun. It's better than Facer by far, I really want to use it.. I'll pay for the upgrade when it's working again.
AlexCurran, 18.05.2015, 14:24
Anyone still not able to transfer faces should update to WatchMaker 3.7.0 released today. Further details in the header at the top of this post.
AlexCurran, 18.05.2015, 16:52
WatchMaker 3.7.0 also now available on Amazon.
davlo, 19.05.2015, 01:26
It worked perfect in my moto360 until Yesterday. I think the problem might be the new update (3.7.0). I have installed only the paid version (Watchmaker premium), and it's not in the SD card. I tried changing the sync library from Channel API to Data API and visceversa...It didn't work. I tried reinstalling the app in my phone, and even restarting the watch but it still doesn't work. I know it's connected via bluetooth with my phone because my moto360 is still receiving the notifications. Please help me, what else can I do?
julian stigter, 19.05.2015, 09:53
Exact same thing hppened to me today my watch vribrated and watch maker reset to default watchface now i cant push any watchface
davlo, 20.05.2015, 01:14
I'm with the 3.7.2 version and it's not working either
lt, 19.05.2015, 06:10
3.7.1 premium from amazon store with 360 still not working even after restarts, reinstalls, and resets. Tried both API and everything else you've listed. Running 7.3 of services too. Just plain no joy.
AlexCurran, 19.05.2015, 08:19
Sorry about the Amazon syncing - something is happening between me uploading the APK and it being download to phone/watch which breaks the sync. I tried removing the DRM but that didn't work either. I will be working on another potential fix today.
AlexCurran, 19.05.2015, 14:03
Amazon App Store Users: should be fixed in 3.7.2
check fix here:
lt, 19.05.2015, 15:21
Thanks Alex.Will try it as soon as it appears on the appstore. They're still listing 3.7.1 as of 8:21 am pst.
lt, 19.05.2015, 17:48

Amazon 3.7.2 just downloads 3.7.1 again. Not sure what's going on in their app store.
lt, 19.05.2015, 17:49
Oh and expected because of old version, no message api. :(
lt, 19.05.2015, 17:54
3.7.2 now installing. Testing...
lt, 19.05.2015, 18:31

I'm testing 3.7.2 and it loads the faces but there are couple of issues. Stats like temp, alt/baro, and stats do not display or show random text. Example watchfaces that is exhibiting the issue (but all watch faces temp do not work): http://facerepo.com/app/faces/details/nixon-weather-14cb775d290
lt, 19.05.2015, 18:36
Figured it out. We cannot use OpenWeatherMap and MUST use Yahoo Weather.
AlexCurran, 19.05.2015, 19:19
No you can use either. You just hadn't received the first weather sync on watch. You can trigger it manually if needed.
lt, 20.05.2015, 00:00
AHhhhh.. gotcha. Works great now. Thanks!
phmanzanillo , 19.05.2015, 16:54
Hello, I have a galaxy note 4, and since 5/14/15 I having problems switchin faces, I jus tell me /sending but Nathan happened, I have tried everything you said in prior response but nothing happened. I installed, reinstalled, restarted, 6ou named it, and nothing, I need to know what can I do because I paid for a service and now I don't have i5, please help.
AlexCurran, 19.05.2015, 19:21
Wait for your watch to get the 3.7 update. Check the watch version from the watchmaker phone app > settings > other
lt, 20.05.2015, 16:32
Somewhat related... how do we get the watch to NOT show faces we've deleted from the phone app?
lt, 20.05.2015, 17:01
nevermind, swipe up on watch face in watch selector
AlexCurran, 20.05.2015, 17:36
WatchMaker 3.7.3 Released - please wait up to 2 hours to get the update :

Fixed sending faces on many watches by removing Channel API. On investigation, many older watches haven't' received Android Wear 1.1+ and any reference to the Channel API library breaks syncing completely on these watches. We will re-add Channel API in the future - please choose from Data API or Message API

Fixed many watches loading on LG Watch R and others by disabling glow effects on marker, shape and text ring layers
Aude, 21.05.2015, 16:48
Not working anymore on my N6/Moto 360 even after reinstalling on both, and resetting 360. Can you please help?
Aude, 21.05.2015, 16:51
Nvm, it is working again. Tx!
gregory bentz, 21.05.2015, 17:40
Moto 360 with z3 compact, unable to send watch faces with neither connection as well
AlexCurran, 21.05.2015, 21:04
Ensure your watch has the latest version of WatchMaker - often it can be one version behind after an update
mark wilkes, 22.05.2015, 09:19
i am having a problem re sizing the time or calender events. I can change them on my watchface but when I send them to the watch they don't change since the latest update.
Chris, 08.06.2015, 17:36
After update to channel and messaging outings to send watch faces, it watch maker stopped working for me. Uninstalled and reinstalled, reset watch.. Nothing.. Synced apps.. Sometimes I get the message that watch maker has stopped working when I select it on watch.. Android wear up to date.. Tried everything I've it mentions when trying to sync.
Mike, 19.06.2015, 14:54
I had the same issue, but it started working after I deleted the Watchmaker Pro app and reinstalling it. The problem was I had installed the app before installing the watch.
John, 21.06.2015, 05:11
Update moto 360 to 5.1.1 the watch face was not align, have to manually adjust position Y to -50 one by one. Anyone have the same issue? Thanks for advise!
AlexCurran, 21.06.2015, 08:13
John make sure you have at least watchmaker 3.7 installed on watch - preferably watchmaker 3.8
Dong-hoon Jo, 25.06.2015, 00:31
[Galaxy Alpha - Asus Zenwatch]

- Set watchface as 'watchmaker premium' in android wear app
- Then, send a watch face in watch maker app
- The watchface successfully sent to my Zenwatch!

Spend 2hrs to find this route... :(
Jörg, 03.12.2015, 10:56
Good idea. Does not work with Moto 360 2nd.
Setting watchmaker in Android wear changes the watchface on the Moto. So the connection is established.
But Watchmaker anyway cannot connect to watch :-(
Nesh Chan, 09.07.2015, 14:16
I use Lg G 4 and I am still not able to install watchface, my phone is not pushing the app to my watch. Help!
Roy, 11.07.2015, 02:30
Unfortunately I haven't had any success working with this app. I am able to select Watchmaker on my 360 and I had one successful transfer of a watch face but that's it. Mostly has been crashing my watch. Not as easy as I hoped changing faces. I am using the latest app version on both my phone and watch v3.9.1.
Mark, 22.07.2015, 17:48
Same issue here, except I get the error that the watchface did not transfer and to switch api which I did but same results. This is annoying never had an issue until recently. I have removed and rebooted both phone and Moto 360 and reinstalled to no avail.
Eos, 28.08.2015, 16:26
I just purchased the premium version on my galaxy note 4 with android 5.0.1 and android wear 1.3.0.xxx
I have moto 360 which is paired to the phone.
However, there is no way to send watchfaces to the phone.
There are only the factory default faces on the phone - no watchmaker face.
When I try "set watchface" I get "can't connect to watch".

The really annoying thing is there is no way to submit bugs or get support, only comment on existing entries in this website.
pagefamily96, 22.09.2015, 04:54
Just purchased WatchMaker Premium and it is not showing up as an available watchface to be selected on my phone app (Samsung Gear). Under the "Home Screen Styler" there are only the included basic clocks and style clocks. The WatchMaker app does not show up as an option. I have a Samsung S4 and a Samsung Gear 2 watch. Please help. I have downloaded a lot of cool watch faces but have no way to use them. Thanks.
Vernon F, 06.11.2015, 03:12
I have this problem since the last update, before I had the problem that watch maker would crash messing up Android Wear so I would have to reset my Samsung Gear Live watch.
Vinicius, 06.11.2015, 22:14
It was working fine con my lg g watch r and moto x 2014, but now I restarted my watch, and now I have the same problem... I read all posts here and seems to have not a solution yet. I'm very disappointed.
Steph, 07.11.2015, 15:47
Same here, changed smartphone, did the factory reset of the wwtch and doesn't send the face, damn
Kiwanda, 08.11.2015, 15:59
Similar problems for me: I can sync faces but all Watchmaker faces are black, save the Blue Steel default when first installed. I've removed and reinstalled, restarted and reset the watch, ditto the phone. Nothing seems to work. I'm using a Nexus 5 and a Moto 360. What to try next?
jack, 10.11.2015, 10:55
Same here, changed smartphone, did the factory reset of the watch and fail to sync the watch face, shit....
Alexander, 13.11.2015, 00:59
I'm having what seems to be a common problem. The app was working perfectly and today everything changed. Watchmaker faces won't sync with the watch. I've done all the usual things such as reset the watch, rebooted phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Everything else works perfectly on the watch and all the other watch faces sync well. All I get is the steel blue standard face and when I try to send another face, I get the can't connect to Android wear. App went from 5 stars to unusable. Please fix. I really like this app.
Brendan, 18.11.2015, 14:31
Having the same issue as everyone else. The app is no longer sending faces to the phone. Any idea when this will be fixed?
Matthewshum, 18.11.2015, 14:36
Watchfaces get not transfered to my sony smartwatchw. Help help, I can use this app yesterday, but today cannot. Pls help. Thx!!
Daniel Bolorini, 23.11.2015, 01:28
The screen is going Black when i try to send a face for my moto 360.... I Just tryed all the steps below and isnt working...
Plz gimme a help!
Renato Paredes Araújo, 28.11.2015, 23:08
Install the 3.9.3 version. All works well
Allan Doute, 30.11.2015, 14:48
I'm having the same problem that others are reporting - I can't send watch face to my Moto 360 (first gen). I have factory reset the watch, removed & re-installed Android Wear & Watchmaker Premium, all several times. I've tried both the data mode & the messaging mode, neither work.

Please provide a previous version or a fix.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help diagnose the issue, or if more information is needed.
Sam Lonstale, 03.12.2015, 03:58
Same as others,
I can't send watch face to my Moto 360 (first gen). I have factory reset the watch, removed & re-installed Android Wear & Watchmaker Premium, all several times. I've tried both the data mode & the messaging mode, neither work.
Jörg, 03.12.2015, 10:50
Already bought watchmaker. Selected watchmaker on my moto 360 2nd. Then tried to set a selected watchface.
Message "Can't connect to watch".
Bluetooth connection works.

Wasted 5 Euro so far.
pixlar, 18.05.2016, 12:07
Same here, and they seems to f#ck tha email i send the about refound.
Abheybir Pal Singh, 08.12.2015, 12:03
Faced same issue after flashing a new ROM to phone....deleting beautiful watches folder, reinstalled app followed by re-installation of Play Services worked as miracle for me. Hope it would help someone else too!!
vandyfc, 12.12.2015, 13:25
As much as I liked it..........It simply no longer works. Even removing everything (Yikes ! had a lot of watches)......and re-download, or resetting watch and phone.......all the suggestion.......Plus, as a Premium member, cannot get admin to answer my questions to try to get it back.............too bad. Facer not as good, Pujie limited.
vandyfc, 12.12.2015, 13:28
As much as I liked it..........It simply no longer works. Even removing everything (Yikes ! had a lot of watches)......and re-download, or resetting watch and phone.......all the suggestion.......Plus, as a Premium member, cannot get admin to answer my questions to try to get it back.............too bad. Facer not as good, Pujie limited.
Charles Cooper, 19.12.2015, 03:24
Doesn't upload watchfaces.

New install on Huawei Watch, New install on Nexus Tablet (running Android 5.1.1), latest Watchmaker (downloaded/installed 2015-12-18).

Simply doesn't upload watchfaces. Ever.

While in Wear, I can switch between the two default faces, and that's it. No uploads, all other watchfaces (from other apps) load.

Fail, unfortunately.
Antonio Balsa Fernandez, 30.12.2015, 09:25
Buenos días: he adquirido un lg g w100....y su aplicación de pago..y no hay forma de enviar ningún reloj de su producto a el reloj....hace como que lo envía y a continuación sale el error de las librerías...es más ya en configuración de su producto para que salga con pulsación mantenida en la pantalla del reloj....imposible esperó y esperó y nada.....necesitó su apoyo....un saludo a.balsa
Nauen, 01.01.2016, 08:57
Moto 360 2nd is now working well.
fabio, 02.01.2016, 07:19
non invia i temi creati all'orologio se non solo dopo re installazione /Asus zenwatch). nel mio note ho installato anche l'app di asus e se la uso, poi in android wear non vedo più watch maker premium e non posso inviare le faces create. debbo re installare per riuscire. versione 3.9.6
T. Williams, 06.01.2016, 15:32
Have a Samsung S4 phone and a Samsung Gear Live and have Watchmaker Pro. It will not transfer the watch faces. Only one I can get is the Steel Blue and nothing else. I have tried the 11 step plan and it simply doesn't work as stated in many above posts. Please correct this or return my money.
b_p, 07.01.2016, 14:04
I think I found a solution to the same problem; I have an LG urbane (1st edition) and an S5. This worked for me, anyway:
1. connect watch to phone with Android Wear app.
2. open watchmaker app.
3. edit watch face.
4. go to watchmaker settings, change sync library to data API.
5. go back to watchmaker watch face and press ""set watchface". (I saw a pop-up window say "sending to wear..." then I got a bigger pop-up window that said "could not update..." and "change sync settings was at the bottom".
6. go to watch settings and select the watchmaker app icon. (watch will now show a generic digital time and watch face as if the watchmaker app was never sync'd to your phone. this is ok.
7. change sync setting in watchmaker app back to 'message API'.
7. go back to phone's watchmaker app and re-press "set watchface". watch's face will now show edited watch face.

I don't know why (I'm not a programmer) but it seems changing the sync to Data API updates android wear as a prerequisite to updating your watch's face using the watchmaker app. Even though my phone displays sync did not work I choose the watchmaker app on my watch, which seemed to 'reset' (poor choice of words?) the watch face app on the watch. Now I'm free to send any updated watch face to the watch using the app.

It's a lot of extra steps, but I hope it works for everyone else.
Taylor Sipes, 26.01.2016, 15:41
I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling on both watch and phone to changing from message to data and still nothing. The only one that attempts to change my watch face is message api but even that just turns my screen black on my watch and then it tells me on the app that it was unable to transfer. If this is suppose to be the best app for watches, why is it that so many of us have problems? I have even tried emailing the person who made this app and he/she does not respond. All I want is a nice fully functional Fallout watchface for my Samsung Gear Live.

Phone: Samsung Note 5
Watch: Samsung Gear Live
Kevin Patrick Johnson, 05.02.2016, 23:00
I have the same issue. Moto 360x2. And nexus 5X
James McConnell, 28.02.2016, 04:22
Just bought premium and cannot push watch faces to my Samsung Gear Live. I tried all of the troubleshooting steps to no avail. Watch goes black when I try to push watch face to it. Please help or I will uninstall and get a refund.
James, 28.02.2016, 06:12
Tried to get a rufund while the option was still available and that is not working either. Isn't that convenient. Not happy at all. Waste of time and money.
pixlar, 18.05.2016, 11:56
Tryed to get in-touch with them and haven´t heard from them in over a week. They seems to not know to fix this issue and they are not answer.

Facer have no problem. and i want a refound! Scammers?
xrak, 13.05.2016, 15:29
The problem appears to be with the Beautifulwatches folder. I uninstalled the premium version, renamed the Baautifulwatches folder and then installed premium again. This worked. Then I manually copied all of the watched I created from the old folder to the new (look for files starting with the "u" and a number. These files are scattered over multiple sub folders.
Another thing I now need to fix are the tasker integrations, they are all broken due to the change in app name.
pixlar, 18.05.2016, 12:00
tryed to do this, but i have the same issue :(
Robert Marsico, 05.06.2016, 16:00
Hey guys i found the fix.
Open the Android Wear App and Select watch maker premium as the watch face.
Now open the watchmaker premium app and it should work.

ivan, 08.06.2016, 08:41
Hi Bob,
Could you tell me how to do this?
Martin, 20.08.2016, 10:02
Hi, I found a solution. It seems that I had too own watchfaces. I deleted some unused ones from the software. After that everything worked.
Adolfo Villacorta, 03.12.2016, 10:12
Por favor ayudenme con mi samsung galaxi gear. Compre la aplicacion y no me funciona! No me transfiere a la pantalla de mi reloj! Si no se puede devuelvanme mi dinero. Gracias!
Alex, 17.12.2016, 18:48
Does not work, where can i get money back and how, rip off
Charles, 07.01.2017, 01:19
I have a gear s3 and I can't get the watch from the "My Watches" to move to my watch. What do I need to do
Teufelkind, 14.02.2017, 01:56
I've got v5 of android and am running on an lg g5 and lg watch urbane, but it isn't showing up on the watch. I just want my custom watch face.
TMeie, 01.03.2017, 01:25
I have a Google pixel Xl and a Samsung gear S2. I have downloaded and Uninstalled the watchmaker premium app and the companion over 100 times... I still cannot make the phone and app talk to each other. Mr time, and others, I have no issues with. Is there a bug or something? It is very frustrating...
Juwlz, 01.04.2017, 10:13
WatchMaker and my watch are not talking to each other since yesterday 31 March, and there was a watchmaker update on 30 March.

WatchMaker won't send a watch face to my watch (the usual error message / suggestions on things to try pops up, and none of the suggestions work), and i cant even select a watchmaker face on the watch itself.

Also, even though i have Sony SW3 set as my Watch, WM is now making my faces look round in the My Watches tab.
Juwlz, 01.04.2017, 10:46
Hmm. Well, I'm not sure what changed, but WM started telling me that it needed to enable Storage Capability on the watch (which is fine - I can cope with that as an error message and behaviour). I then had to disable Draw over other Apps in every App that had it enabled and reboot my phone before I could get it to enable Storage Capability on the watch.

So I now have my watch face back.

WM still insists on showing me round faces in the My Watches tab though.

For the record, I have WM v4.1.4, Android Wear v2.0.0.15937786, Android 7.0 on a Sony Xperia Z5, and a Sony SW3 watch.

Also, since I got this working again, my phone is running extremely hot, and using battery at an alarming rate. I may have to disable WatchMaker to see if it makes a difference.
Juwlz, 06.04.2017, 07:24
Aaarrgggghhhh. This is driving me nuts. I've just had to go through the whole rigmarole again because I've changed my phone.

Once more, I've got Watchmaker installed, and I can select the default face from the watch, but if I try to choose my preferred face, I get told that Watchmaker needs to access photos, media and files on my device (fine), but when I try to tick to enable it from the watch, I get an error message to say "Screen overlay det..."

I've disabled Draw over other Apps for ever app on my phone. I've rebooted the phone. I've rebooted the watch. I've checked on the phone, and Watchmaker DOES have Storage permission (it also has Body Sensors, Calendar and Your Location).

If I try to set the watch face from the phone, I get a message saying
"In order to store watch faces, your watch requires storage permission.

Please follow the prompts on your watch to continue."

But I can't, because I go around the same loop again as above.

So what on EARTH is missing?

The only thing I can think of is that this is some sort of mismatch between Android Wear 2.0 on my phone, and a watch that is never going to get Android Wear 2.0 (it's a Sony SW3, running Android 6.0.1 and Android Wear

In fact, if I go to Settings | Permissions | Watchmaker on the Watch, I can't enable Sensors either, because I get the same issue with "Screen Overlay det..."
Juwlz, 06.04.2017, 07:40
Aha! I'd disabled Draw over other Apps for every app on the phone, and still couldn't change the Watch's storage settings. Then finally, something at http://www.gadgetraid.com/2016/10/screen-overlay-detected/ made me add System Apps on my Huawei P10, and having disabled all those too, I finally got it to work!
Gary foster, 07.04.2017, 08:37
Omg I wish i read this before i spent 3 hours trying to make it connect. Same problems as above. A refund looks the only answer?
AlexCurran, 07.04.2017, 08:41
Gary please let us know your phone and watch models so we can advise
gary foster, 07.04.2017, 10:11
hi, I have a sony experia z4, I have reset my watch, I have uninstalled - installed the app three times! I don't like being defeated, I am pretty good with gadgets normally. this beat me. I really want this app to work.
gary foster, 07.04.2017, 10:14
watch is fossil q founder
gary foster, 07.04.2017, 10:20
I would say the problem is not with transferring the face to the phone, its making android wear recognise it? its just not showing in my android wear phone app? all data transferring to the phone without any problems, my notifications etc. all working perfect. when I look in the android wear app 2.0 it does not show any watchmaker designs? it sounds to me that the problem lies right there?
Taylor McLaughlin, 13.04.2017, 12:27
I have a fossil q wander. My watch faces would "send" picture would show up. It would vibrate then dissapear. I tried everything suggested on this thread. I just started messing around with the layers and when i took the bitmap font off i had been using my watch face sent. Any ideas on why or how to fix?
Sean Korich, 17.04.2017, 06:16
Hi I bought your watch face app but I can't get anything to send to my watch it's all connected Bluetooth is on Wi-Fi is on it's connected in Android Wear 2.0. My watch is an LG urbane and my phone is an LG G3. I really want to use this program because it looks like it's amazing but if it doesn't work I want to refund. Please advise what to do
Ricky, 22.04.2017, 17:41
I just bought your app and Unable to send watch face to my new tag heuer connected. Pls advise
Strikegun, 28.04.2017, 07:20
had to reset my watch. now watchmaker can't send watchface to my LG G Watch R anymore.
I have now wear 2.0 on the watch. I installed the app also directly on the watch, but I only see the default watch of watchmaker. connection between watchmaker and watch doesn't work.
But messaging and stuff works fine. must be the watchmaker app.
David, 17.05.2017, 15:48
I had the same issue. I would just get the blue digital watch. I had installed watchmaker watch face instead of watchmaker premium. They look the same at a glance. Once I downloaded the correct app on my watch. I then when to the different watch faces that were stored on my watch and picked "add more watch faces". There I picked watchmaker premium and then I could transfer any watch face I wanted to from the phone app.
AlexCurran, 28.04.2017, 08:38
- Ensure you have same version of phone and watch app particular on Wear 2.0 - please note WatchMaker Watch Face is not same as WatchMaker Premium Watch Face
Stephen Doherty, 09.05.2017, 20:18
The support seem dismal for watchmaker premium, I've tried everything suggested on here and the app still fails to work for me and lots of other people. How about identifying the problem then finding the fix.
AlexCurran, 09.05.2017, 20:20
Hardly dismal support - we have supported over 1 million users and have a rating of 4.5 on the app store.
Please post more details of your setup so we can help you better.
skymaster, 10.05.2017, 17:18
Alex, i have the same problem sometimes the phone send the watch and some other times it doesnt
Scorziello, 14.05.2017, 03:25
I have the same issue with a Huawei Mate 9, (mha-l29) running 7.0. my watch is a huawei watch ver 1 on Android Wear, with the April 5 security patch. WatchMaker version 4.2.2. Everything seems to be working as in faces are transferring to the watch but every time I send a new face to the watch I get the error message at the top of this thread. Everything shows as connected.
Berry, 14.05.2017, 21:23
Same issue here with iphone & Q Marshal. Never works with cloudsync!
I checked everything you listed and it still doesnt work!
A refund is definitely needed.
AlexCurran, 15.05.2017, 15:03
Improvements to WatchMaker iOS Cloud Sync - on 15th May we have updated our server with improvements to WatchMaker iOS Cloud Sync making it faster and more reliable. As these are server based changes, there is no need to update your phone or watch apps.
Luiggi, 24.05.2017, 21:58
Hi I've purchased the license $3.99 I believe it was? And I saw some new faces for $5 bundle. I've purchased both because I like the faces... but they don't transfer over to my Q Marshal, every time I try to send ANY face even the free ones... my watch stays on LOADING. Idk what else to do, if no help is available I'd like a refund please.
richard smyth, 27.05.2017, 10:08
Will not upload watch faces to huawei watch since last update, both watch and phone are in sync app says can't connect yet shows are connected in app settings followed trouble shooting ie data sync, message sync still nothing, tried resetting app, watch and phone. Please help
AlexCurran, 27.05.2017, 10:11
Looks like you may not have updated the app on your watch - full details here: http://watchmaker.haz.wiki/update_watch_app
Sasha, 27.05.2017, 10:24
Dear colleagues,
After update the phone stopped to send the new faces to watch and I may not change old faces via phone. Only by watch itself. It is connected to the phone but for some reason do not cooperate with app.
I like the app much but change big please.
AlexCurran, 27.05.2017, 10:33
Richard Sasha you need to update your watch - full details here: http://watchmaker.haz.wiki/update_watch_app

Main points:
- After the migration make sure you do not have 2 versions on your watch - you need WatchMaker not WatchMaker Premium.
- If you still see WatchMaker Premium on your watch please uninstall it using watch settings.
- Please uninstall Wear MiniLauncher if you have it! You may get permission loop error
- Please start WatchMaker on your watch at least once and accept permissions
Brian, 31.05.2017, 01:59
I'm also unable to get faces onto the watch. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both iPhone app & the Watch app. There are usually 2 scenarios:
(Behavior 1) Phone & watch app seem to sync & behave correctly, but watch then says LOADING and is stuck there indefinitely. I can switch to one of the standard faces on the watch, but the new WatchMaker face is not there when I switch back.
(Behavior 2) Phone acts correctly, but watch says "> waiting for face", then "Checking for new faces", then "Face is uploading" (which sounds promising), but then goes back to "> waiting for face" again and nothing else happens.
So far, very disappointing.
Huawei 1 watch, WatchMaker v. 4.2.8 \\ iPhone iOS 10 WatchMaker v. 4.2.0 (paid the premium upgrade fee)
AlexCurran, 31.05.2017, 07:08
Brian we are adding more checks on the CloudSync this week so should have this fixed soon
Brian, 08.06.2017, 13:10
It seems to work much better now. Thank you!
Brian, 08.06.2017, 19:50
UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Although it has improved (I wasn't able to transfer any watch faces before), it's now just hit & miss-- sometimes I can make it through an upload, but most of the time, I get the same message sequence as before, or else it says LOADING for a while, followed by something about a "socket timeout" or similar. I hope this can be made more reliable. Thanks!
Brian, 21.06.2017, 15:34
Still not working right. Same symptoms as described above.
Jozef, 01.06.2017, 06:05
Purchase Date : 2017-05-31 12:13:36 Etc/GMT
Purchase Device : iPhone
Comments : app doesnt upload images to my watches..It upploads face then ii have to restart my phone to upload second one,,sometimes it doesnt work at all..so no use of this app.
Iphone has latest ios fossil watches the latest android os and watchmaker app is latest on the watches and also iphone. Fossil smartwatch are connected to wifi and bt everything else works just uploading faces via your app doesn't. Can i please get an refund for the in app purchase? Thank you
AlexCurran, 01.06.2017, 08:01
Thanks we are improving CloudSync in a few days - please try again then - if you need any refund please send order number to admin.androidslide@gmail.com
Francesco, 01.06.2017, 11:15
I installed watchmaker a lot of time ago, and it worked fine... after an update, about six months ago, it stopped working: it's not syncing watch faces anymore... now, since i'm not the only one with this problem and it's a bug u created with an update, could u please fix it? (in my case the watch is stuck on loading screen and the phone says "can't connect to watch")
AlexCurran, 02.06.2017, 07:38
Francesco is this the iPhone version?
vadltf, 02.06.2017, 08:46
The same happens to me. I have a Samsumg S7 edge and LG GWatch R, after update it don't work. I have made a factory reset to the watch and uninstall all WatchMaker to de phone and nothing.
Ian Clarke, 04.06.2017, 21:15
All was working fine after the update to android wear 2.

But tonight after downloading some new faces they won't send to watch. I've changed the api, restarted phone and Watch, checked Bluetooth connection in wear app. Spent over 2hrs trying tonight.

Do I nèed to factory reset?

Up until now I've been really happy with watchmaker. What do i need to do?
jcb, 05.06.2017, 08:37
Same for me, unable to send watchface from this morning, sending to wear daes'nt work
Darius, 06.06.2017, 23:09
After the new download of the program, watchfaces no longer transfer to watch.
DagHB, 07.06.2017, 19:26
I hadde the same problem umtil i notices something new in the watchmaker app. Open the app om your phone, go to Settings/watch/select watch, an then select your brand (in my case Huawei Watch). That solved all my problems
Brian, 11.06.2017, 15:12
You got my hopes up, but apparently that option in only on the Android app. It is not shown in the WatchMaker Settings menu on my iPhone.
Luiggi, 09.06.2017, 20:59
Yeah... what's going on? Keeps saying socket timeout or something like that it was working fine and now nothing transfers... please fix this! Along with the weather not updating. Thank god i had save a cool face but I paid for premium as well so many cool watches and I can't even transfer them...
Azimuth, 13.06.2017, 21:30
Still cannot sync my iPhone 6Plus with my Samsung Gear S3... just did iOS update and S3 watch face update and no luck. Turn on app on iPhone, select watch face and press send code. On watch, the default watchmaker watchface is open, press get get code, press enable watch sync and a quick flash of a gray watch face then back to iPhone setup screen. If I turn off Bluetooth but leave wifi on, same Hong. If I turn off wifi and leave Bluetooth on, I get "could not connect to watchmaker CloudSync check wifi"...
mareen, 25.06.2017, 11:05
I have the same problem.
I have purchased from Amazon.
The version there is 4.1 updated on March 21.
I cannot send faces, most likely because on my watch I get version 4.3.5

I have emailed the developer with the email I found on google play, 4 days ago, but I have received no reply.
nofun, 30.06.2017, 11:28
same with me.. Watchmaker 4.4.0, 2244002

with newest Watchmaker & Android Wear App (reinstall just to make sure).. still can't send the watch face to my Zenwatch 2 (WI501Q)
Yardyy, 30.06.2017, 12:10
I have a LG Watch R, and cannot send faces either to it from watchmaker, in Android wear, there is no mention of watchmaker at all. Before it worked really sweet.

I have resintalled android wear but not watchmaker, as i dont know how to backup the faces that i already have in there.

Would someone please show me how to backup my faces in watchmaker, so that i can try to uninstall and then reinstall it,

Just got the crappy faces for now, really miss my watchmaker face. please help.
Drodders, 16.07.2017, 19:13
Same here, I've got a Tag Heuer Connected running IOS and Android Wear, nothing happens when transferring to the watch or Wear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Rob Francis, 02.12.2017, 13:15
Using exactly the same and exactly the same issues, deleted app on both devices and re installed even reset watch to factory settings, still nothing. I have also paid for premium
Rob Francis, 02.12.2017, 13:52
Turned off screen lock altogether worked for me!!
marco, 17.07.2017, 12:19
Honor 8 - Nougat - Watchmaker 4.4.5 - Huawei Watch - Wear 2 - WatchMaker 4.4.5
Do not put your face away from the phone to the watch.
How to solve it?
Can you go back and install on an android wear an earlier version of watchmaker?
bwonish, 24.07.2017, 18:35
I have a LG G Watch R, Android Wear, with WatchMaker Premium version 4.4.8, from a Samsung S8+, with Android OS 7.1.1.

I am unable to transfer watch faces to my watch. I have gone wiped the watch several times, done all of the testing, have control of the watch from android wear, even through watchmaker, when i select the watch type, it allows fro installing the companion app, which opens up and offers to install watchmaker on the watch itself. i have attempted both Data and Message API with no success.

App previously worked with no issues and need help getting it working again. what else can we do or how do we get direct help from watchmaker?
Crossic, 25.08.2017, 13:36
The same issue with iPhone 7, i am runnuning on newest watchmaker on phone and the same in my watches Huawei smart watch 2. I used the same in old phone (honor 7) and everything worked fine, i have bought the premium version of your software again now for apple and it doesnt work. Fix it immediately or send me my money back...
Hart , 04.09.2017, 18:21
Had same issue as many others, went to apps in phone settings, selected watchmaker - storage- clear cache.
Worked for me.
Hart, 04.09.2017, 18:27
Huawei watch w. AW 2 and Huawei P9 plus. watchmaker pro.
Thaddeus , 15.09.2017, 02:59
G2 just keeps saying unable to load data, sucks that I paid for this shit.
Richard Geiger, 29.10.2017, 18:07
Dont buy this app!!!! Beware. The watchfaces cant be transmitted here!!!!! If you try to connect the developer. You end here.
Already warned and gave 1 star. If you are unsatisfied give one star and give that infoörmation to samsung (not working) app store. Write to samsung that you stop supporting. I have enough of my gear 3. Nothing worked. Like 1999 win 97 if you remember
ppax, 15.11.2017, 12:33
Not possible to find watchmaker companion s2/s3 for ios in gallery apps !!. That's mean we can not tansfert any face to our watch !!
Some one can resolve our problem . Thanks
jimt29, 17.11.2017, 22:40
Watchmaker Pro used to work up until a couple of weeks ago, except it would lose paid for watch faces.

Now it doesn't transfer watch faces but the Huawei Watch series 1 seems to work fine on Android Wear 2.5.

It is paired to an iPhone 7. I can put watch faces from the Google Play Store though and they work OK.
reashad, 20.11.2017, 17:55
digital-7 (mono italic) font is not getting transferred to gear s3 after the gear s3 update in canada.
kieren, 26.11.2017, 07:02
Have an iPhone X and a series 3 I watch. Can’t download the receiver onto the watch. Wasted money on the premium subscription. Don’t waste your cash!
Chris, 02.12.2017, 20:24
I can second that. This App (Premium) is a complete waste of time (and Money). Does Not work with iPhone X here as watchfaces not being transferred to watch.
Irving1975, 20.12.2017, 03:40
cambié de celular, se me instalaron las mismas apps y sorpresa...ya no me deja descargar la app a mi gear s3...que puedo hacer?
Mohammed , 20.12.2017, 16:24
Hello this is urgent.
Suddenly without any hardware problems after leaving the watch unworn for one day, watchmaker stopped sending the watch faces to my watch, i have s3 gear and huawei p10. I did everything written in the notification that appears and also i reinstall the app again and reset. Nothing happens
setch, 28.12.2017, 09:44
Absolute pile of dung, paid for this and cannot upload faces to my watch, times out saying WiFi error and points me to the same goo.gl/TtoAwW page each time. Faces from other providers work without any problems. So I know my Wifi is working as expected. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT
Marcello, 28.12.2017, 20:43
I have a Huawei P9 connected to a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier after the last update the application fails to send watches to the S3. seems not to detect the Bluetooth connection. all other applications, such as Facer, work correctly between phone and S3. I also followed the recommended instructions but it does not work. I installed 4.6.7 and Tizen and I ask for help!
Auspex, 01.01.2018, 09:12
I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but I want to buy watchfaces, but I can't. When I click the buy button, nothing happens. I've cleared the data, but the problem persists. I used to buy watchfaces, but now I can't. I can buy watchmaker faces on the Play store, but not through the app. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
Andrea, 03.01.2018, 08:06
Lg watch R + iphone6

Tutto funzionava fino a ieri.

Poi ha iniziato a non sincronizzare piu le watchFaces sul LG WatchR.

È come se bon riuscisse piu ad installarle, e sull'orologio e mi da il messaggio di errore "Download errorr please check wifi and see goo.gl/TtoAWw.

Help me please
DonToben, 28.01.2018, 11:59
I have nearly the same problem with watchmaker.

When the Bluetooth connection is disconnected because out of range and the BT is connected again, the watchmaker has problems to sync with gears s3.
No data like phone battery, etc .. . Also sending watchfaces over BT is not working anymore.
But with other apps, BT is working great.
To solve the problem, I have to switch off BT on the smartphone and enable again.
After that the sync between watchmaker and Gears S3 is working well again.

Android 6.0.1
Watchmaker App: 4.8.2
Ryan, 01.02.2018, 14:36
I have an interesting story about my connectivity, so here's my adventure.
Galaxy S7, Hauwei watch. Installed Android Wear 2, Watchmaker. Watch wouldn't connect to Google Play store to get more watch faces or download the WM companion app.
What worked for me: watch Bluetooth off, wifi on. Phone bluetooth on, wifi and cell networks on.
Used watch to hit the Play Store and download Watchmaker and install. Turned watch BT back on and used phone to sync with watch. Turned both devices off and on (no reboot, reset, or anything like that; just a regular power cycle). That fixed it. I think there was some infighting going on between the BT antenna, Wifi, and permission to access apps. Once I took the BT antenna out of the mix, everything worked. Play store updated, Watchmaker companion installed, etc.
This won't solve everyone's issues, but it finally worked for me, so I hope this combo helps...
ryan, 01.02.2018, 14:38
I should mention this was a new Watchmaker install on the phone and a factory reset of the watch as well...
TicMeOff, 01.02.2018, 16:49
This app doesnt work for TicWatch, i'm just getting "Loading" on my watch and the face never appears once i've sent from my phone! Do not buy premium!
Zamuel, 26.02.2018, 17:59
I have the same situation when i transfer the faces to my android wear, send to my watch > go black screen, even i use vith wifi or data network!!! Please let me know if u can solve it, i have paid with this apps already :(
Someone, 02.05.2018, 15:56
I had this issue, out of the blue. I tried restarting the watch, restarting the phone, clearing the app off the phone and forcing it to resync the app, nothing worked. Then I upgraded to the latest version of WatchMaker and watches transferred successfully.
Ruston, 04.05.2018, 21:38
I bought the Watchmaker companion version for gear S2 and S3 but I can not transfer the watchfaces I downloaded to my Frontier gear. Can anyone help me?
AlexCurran, 18.06.2018, 20:20
Check the wiki for sending here: http://watchmaker.haz.wiki/cloudsync
WiFi may be disconnecting on your watch - you can also try the following to see if it prevents WiFi disconnecting:
- turn bluetooth off on watch - this will enable Wifi to stay on!
- in iOS Android Wear app, click settings -> Your Feed -> On
- connect watch to charging cable
- force close Wear OS app on iPhone first
Morty, 26.05.2018, 19:05
Since I updated android wear app to WEAR OS in my cellphone, watchmaker didn't recognize that I have android wear app or watchmaker watchmaker app on my device and shows this message: "ANDROID SETUP - Please install WATCHMAKER mobile app and send watch (DOWNLOAD)" Which I have the watch maker app on my both devices, phone and watch!!!
AlexCurran, 18.06.2018, 20:20
morty this mesage will go away after you send your first watch
Chelsea, 23.06.2018, 10:31
I even paid for premium and it is STILL not sending anything. To make a watch face is EXTREMELY complicated and will not let me do anything I would like to do
Diwakar R. Trivedi, 18.07.2018, 05:49
I am also having same problem. If my phone is connected to another device even for short period of time & then connected to my Huawei watch, then it doesn't transfer the watch faces to the watch. It's a big bug in the App. Kindly rectify the same.
Arman, 11.08.2018, 22:04
I purchased some watchfaces. And have been using the app poperly. Now I have purchased a new phone but I cannot transfer those watchfaces to the new phone
MauiSpud, 22.07.2019, 01:28
I have a similar situation: I purchased Premium and companion for my phone and created a custom face - all worked fine. Got a new phone and I am not able to transfer my new face because it is asking me to pay for the companion again. Why? And why doesn't the admin respond to emails?
Todd, 16.08.2018, 14:52
Watch faces has stopped sending faces to the Galaxy Frontier from the Samsung S9 Plus
Jonathan, 16.08.2018, 18:17
Bought a watch face it doesn't let me tranfer to my watch everytime it looks like it's going to connect it doesn't its driving me crazy so what are you guys going to do for me.
AlexCurran, 17.08.2018, 08:19
Users are reporting WatchMaker crashes on Samsung Gear S3 after R760XXU2CRH1 update (currently US/Canada). Please see this post for a fix :
gwinaz, 19.08.2018, 18:06
Gear S3 and Samsung S7. Transferring watchface to watch fails repeatedly. After applying the Watchmaker Companion for Gear S2 & S3 I see Check your gear, but there is nothing there and the next attempt to load my watchface fails again. Fail and repeat. Phone shows Gear S3 "Connected for call audio".

I've uninstalled, reinstalled, shut down, restarted, both watch and phone too many times to count.

Android 8.0.0. I believe the Watchmaker version is 5.1.9.

This was driving me crazy but now it is just a short walk.
AlexCurran, 19.08.2018, 20:47
Users are reporting WatchMaker crashes on Samsung Gear S3 after R760XXU2CRH1 update (currently US/Canada). Please see this post for a fix :
Farazdak Al-Ghallie, 25.08.2018, 19:33
I'm facing the same problem, first the premium was working well and all of a sudden it stopped sending the watchfaces to my gear S3 Frontier, I tried all the possible solutions mentioned above even I reset my gear but nothing happened, also when I try to send a watchface to my gear it makes my watch hault and it stops responding
Farazdak Al-Ghallie, 25.08.2018, 19:35
I'm facing the same problem, first the premium was working well and all of a sudden it stopped sending the watchfaces to my gear S3 Frontier, I tried all the possible solutions mentioned above even I reset my gear but nothing happened, also when I try to send a watchface to my gear it makes my watch hault and it stops responding
Theo van Lingen, 26.08.2018, 03:03
I too have the same problem as @Farazdak. I have Watcmaker and paid for premium was working great and now nothing. I open Watchmaker, go to my watches, select a watch, nothing happens, then it goes to the play store i click on Apply, message appears saying "check gear" but then nothing.

Doea anything get a response here???
AlexCurran, 26.08.2018, 07:26
This was caused by a Samsung Gear update (R760XXU2CRH1). It was a Samsung not a WatchMaker update. Everything was working well before.
We were given no warning by Samsung they would release this and break our app. Please see this post for a fix :
AlexCurran, 29.08.2018, 17:08
Update 29 Aug: we finally received the Samsung Gear Update in the UK (where we are located) - fix is ready and submitted to Samsung! We must now wait for Samsung to review the fix - this usually takes a week but I have requested a faster review.

The issue was relating to In App Purchases no longer working since the Samsung security fix - we have removed Purchases from the version submitted to Samsung.
AlexCurran, 04.09.2018, 13:18
Update 4 Sep : Samsung have approved our patch! Search for WatchMaker Companion 5.1.9 in Samsung Galaxy Apps for the fixed version!
Jon Lee, 08.10.2018, 05:07
Hi Alex, I recently purchased Watchmaker Premium from the Amazon App Store. I didn't realize that it's apparently behind in versions compared to the Google Play Store version and it doesn't list explicit support for my watch (Verizon Wear24). The setup text does say that even if my watch isn't listed, then the app should still work. However, I can't send any watch faces to my Wear24.

Is there a reason why the Amazon App Store version is behind the Google Play Store version? And is there a fix for my problem?
BruceH, 01.11.2018, 22:54
Why is the app constantly, and I mean constantly, disconnecting from my Samsung Galaxy Watch? Several times a day. The only way to restore the connection is to change the watchface on the watch to non-Watchmaker face and then back again. Over and over. And it looks like this is not an isolated problem...when will it be fixed already???
Running companion app version 5.2.1 and Watchmaker version 5.2.0.
DrUnKeN_TiGeR, 22.11.2018, 01:06
Same issue here with pixel 2 xl and 3 xl I originally thought it was just an issue with the 3 xl but I switched back to the 2 xl and I can't send watch face to watch. Running pie
Mike, 27.12.2018, 03:19
The companion app will not push too the watch...I paid for premium and have a Pixel 3 and a Gear 3 Frontier watch. Please advise...I will be asking for a refund I this can not be resolved. Thanks
Bob, 07.03.2019, 23:49
Ticwatch Pro, latest app installed on phone and watch, companion installed, premium, selected and paid for 10 watch pack, followed instructions, goes to download showing cloud sync code, but Never downloads anything, wifi set, all set... have you ever fixed this as there are over 400 similar requests... or give me my money back. App premium and money for watch pack.
LukeWYO, 29.06.2019, 03:38
I am using LG Urban LTE2.
I can't send watch face from phone to wear.
Please fix
MauiSpud, 22.07.2019, 01:34
When I installed Watchmaker (several times) on my phone (LG Stylo 4) it never loaded onto the watch. Please help!
Arthur, 19.09.2019, 18:12
Xiaomi Mi5s, Sony SmartWatch 3. After last update troubles to send watchface to watch
Wayne, 29.11.2019, 21:27
Mines, not working either. Have premium subscription. Takes me to companion app which I already paid for and have installed and asks me to buy it again. Also lost all of my purchased watches. Been trying for a week to resolve. Feeling a bit ripped off. No one will reply to emails or help from WatchMaker.
John Triviño, 14.06.2020, 07:57
I have the premium subscription, but not can transfer faces to the galaxy watch from iOS, not load the loading screen, help me for solution to the issue.
Thomas, 10.02.2021, 03:29
My watch face didn't show in app, it can't transfer. Phone Samsung S21
DANE MILLER, 23.04.2021, 21:58
It seems like this is an old problem that hasn't been solved yet. Anyways i'm just leaving my comment here just in case anyone ever figueres this out. I have the loading text in my moto 360 with the circle and everything but simply won't recieve a watchface. I consider myself one of many that have gone trough the same process of reinstalling, erasing and everything by now and it just simply wont work again. it used to work perfectly fine, it's actually a good app but this bug or whatever is causing the app to misbehave is causing severe damage to the Watch Maker reputation and to us as users. So my only wish is that it can be fixed soon, I mean it's 2021 and we have a lot of info out there so let's keep on working this out together. Cheers to everyone!!

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