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Calendar events no longer disappear

My events are not disappearing after they happen anymore. I think they did in the beginning. So, for example, I have event 1 being the whol shift I am at work, event 2 was my client an hour in, event 3 was my client right after, I have a break where I am still at work, and then a client right before the end of my shift. My shift, client 1,and client 2 show as my three events, but now that clients 1 and 2 are done, it should show client 3 and it does not.

Andrew Wingfield , 12.01.2015, 22:41
Idea status: under consideration


3to18characters, 29.01.2015, 11:02
They do seem to disappear eventually, but it can be ages afterwards. For example, I had a meeting at 8.45amuntil 11:30, and the {c1t} didn't update until about 12:00 or so.

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