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app gets removed from my watch

this app has fallen off by watch 2 or 3 times now and I have to reinstall the app on the phone just to get it to come back to the watch even though I try to sync all apps using the wear tool it doesn't seem to work with this app.

Jason , 16.01.2015, 02:03
Idea status: under consideration


AlexCurran, 27.01.2015, 10:09
Its a weird Android Wear bug where it uninstalls apps that crash. Hopefully we have fixed the crash now. Sometimes you just need to wait up to 5 minutes until Android Wear decides its safe to reinstall!
Chris, 13.02.2015, 09:15
WATCHMAKER seems to be the only app that gets removed from my watch and unavalable in Android Wear. Doesn't sound like an Android Wear problem to me. This bug has been around for months - extremely frustrating! Any solution in sight?
max biagiotti, 25.02.2015, 00:07
Have the same problem only with this app... really bad and I paid for premium
shellie, 04.03.2015, 05:06
Get the same problem today, remove the app from the watch
me, 20.03.2015, 12:50
Ditto. The app disappears from Android wear and I alsobbought premium just to stop it from happening.
BiilN, 28.03.2015, 12:57
Same here. I thought that if I paid for premium, it would prevent Watchmaker from disconnecting from my Moto360. I tried restartin both my watch and tablet many times and the App is still not showing up on my watch?

Is there a workaround? Does anyone have a trick to get it loaded up again?
Daniel Wintjen, 22.04.2015, 01:53
Really frustrating especially after paying for the premium version. Twice it has happened to me now. WatchMaker stops expectantly on phone, then disappears from Android Wear never to return again without re-installing WatchMaker
Gareth, 25.05.2015, 10:15
I have an LG L70 and am experiencing the same problem with the paid version of the app. What I've noticed is that I sometimes have my watch disconnected for a whole weekend and an update is sent out. I don't auto update my apps btw. When I do reconnect my watch, WatchMaker has disappeared from my LG G Watch R and my watch face is defaulted to a stock face. Even after running the update while connected or disconnected, the app doesn't reappear. I have to reinstall the app entirely.
wmarkhay, 21.06.2015, 15:21
same thing for me with paid version and Galaxy GS4 with LG G Watch R -- my favorite faces, so annoyed when I can't access them, usually just end up using one of the other face aps until WMP has an updated version and when that gets installed I'm good to go again... until the NEXT time it drops off a couple days later.
Ken Weise, 06.07.2015, 13:19
This has happened to me three times in two days. The only way to get it back is to completely reset the watch.

G Watch R
OS 5.1.1
Play Services 7.5.76

Android 4. 4.2
Wear 1.1.20 16316
BENJAmin, 07.09.2015, 03:20
Same issue. Disappears from watch. Needs a force reinstall option.
Joel, 30.11.2015, 14:12
Same problem and I paid for the premium too. Moto 360
Adam Benjamin, 02.12.2015, 01:13
Similar situation for me with moto 360
However I am able to re sync apps in android wear to make it come back as long as I wait 30 mins or so before doing the re- sync
Ross Paterson, 04.01.2016, 09:21
Sync issue still there. Paid for premium watchmaker and it works for first 30 minutes then is removed from my Watch even a resync does not work. Need to uninstall and factory reset watch to get 30 minutes of watch again. Moto 360
sandy procter, 16.01.2016, 06:53
Happened with me too. I cane over here trying to figure out why my watchmaker suddenly dissappeared, even though it is still installed. Very irritated as this isvthe secind tine I've paid for premium. (The firstwas when it was still Beautiful Watches and I bought everything separately )
Clement, 28.01.2016, 01:24
Same here with LG watch R, so annoying. No such problem with Facer and Pujie Black.
david, 02.02.2016, 15:47
Same problem, Watchmaker disappears from android wear after an upgrade to premium.
Stefan, 05.02.2016, 14:43
i had the same problem with watchmaker, but only after moving the app to the sd card. never happened again after moving it back to internal storage.
JoL, 18.02.2016, 03:05
Happened the same to my Moto360 2nd gen & too afraid to reinstall. Worried all my custom watchfaces will be gone after uninstalling. Will this happen??
Ed, 13.06.2016, 10:33
same thing for me! I have huawei watch with premium watchmaker.
tired to re-install, waiting for new release to get this solved.
Orange, 27.07.2016, 03:33
Whenever my phone restarts, watchmaker is removed from my Moto360 sport. Really bad bug, having the premium version doesn't change the behavior at all.
Martin, 31.07.2016, 23:55
Just checked in App Manager on my phone and premium is installed on the SD Card. I've moved it back to device storage so hopefully, that fixes the problem.
olly, 14.08.2016, 11:12
experiencing the same issue as people above, app was removed from watch seems to do it when the watch and phone have been disconnected for a while, as this happened after my phone battery died and the watch was working standalone for a day. Moto 360 2nd gen
Rich, 22.08.2016, 11:19
When I go to do watersports and I switch to my regular watch, leaving the Android Wear watch at home, when I return the watchmaker premium app is almost always deleted.

I can get it to reinstall using the resync apps, but this is really annoying.

I suspect that it might be that the app crashes when the widgets in the watch face request information from the watch and it cannot connect to it perhaps???
Bob, 31.08.2016, 16:47
Very annoying. I only have an issue if my phone completely dies. I charge my phone and turn it on but the app is now missing on my moto 360v1. My only fix is to uninstall watchmaker premium and reinstall. Then my watch sees it and is okay. Phone is a moto x play. After seeing some advice here and moving watchmaker back to internal storage, I notice it now reinstalls itself to my watch. I guess this is okay if it does so quickly. Time will tell
Tomer, 02.11.2016, 08:01
On my 1st installing could not find the app in my watch (ZenWatch 2) so I reconnected the phone to the watch & after long firmware refresh the app appear. Now the app didn't connect properly to the watch so I reinstall it & again its not appear on my watch
nels, 06.12.2016, 03:57
Huawei watch facing same issues as above. I am on my second factory reset of the watch just so I can get it in my watch faces again. deletes on its own. whats the solution? I paid for premium and am very unsatisfied.
Brian, 26.02.2017, 14:35
I am having the same issue on my lg watch urbane and lg g5. It happens whenever I have to reboot my phone. When the starts up after a shutting down or rebooting, the watch face changes to the default android wear watch face. The watchmaker app is no longer on the watch but is on the phone. I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it to restore the app on the watch.

It did not happen with my previous lg g watch and the same g5.
Chip, 20.04.2017, 21:58
Tried reinstall on my Moto 360 ...Nothing is fixed...Reinstalled a few times and app still doesn't show ony watch... Fustrating...Premium version...Please help someone...Moto 360 help??
AlexCurran, 21.04.2017, 06:03
There was a bug in one of the first 4.1.6 versions of the app. If you got this one, you need to check for updates on Google Play and then resync to watch from Android Wear app or wait a while
Kiter , 26.09.2017, 10:12
Jag har ett problem där min sparad watch face försvinner flera gånger under dagen och jag måste gå till mobilen och hämta den igen och göra över till Gear S2.
Kiter, 27.09.2017, 21:59
Sorry for writing in Swedish by mistake, but my problem is that my created watch face disappears randomly many times a day and I have to manually bring it back from the phone. Can somebody help ?Samsung 8 and Gear S2 I paid for the premium
Nirmal Singh, 12.03.2018, 13:06
The generated watch face disappear on its own leaving blank space.Then I have to change other watch face.
David Forrest, 21.03.2019, 20:17
I'm having this issue twice since the last few updates. I've got a Sony Smartwatch 3 and it's really annoying when it happens as it's been nearly an hour since I tried resending the stuff to the watch and nothing's happened. The app still isn't on the watch! I've got an S7 Edge as well
saka, 21.04.2019, 12:01
hi. i purchased Mywatch- protocol survival x face about $0.99. but now it's deleted my watch. can you send me again or refund my money?
Robert, 03.07.2019, 16:26
My problem is slightly different...

If my phone reboots then my watch resets and loses all extra faces and the watchmaker app.
I tried resyncing apps but it didn't bring it back.
Only thing that works is unpairing the watch and doing the whole pairing process all over again.
Please fix this.

And for those who haven't heard if you go into the settings of the watchmaker app on the watch itself there are experimental fixes labeled 1 through 4.
It used to be fixed number two worked for my watch and it wouldn't reset and I was very happy but for some reason it stopped working I've tried one through four again and none seem to work.


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