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Persist background not working

When reading cards, watch face shrinks rather than staying persistent as settings indicate. Worked in previous version

Jason , 22.01.2015, 06:43
Idea status: completed


mvoy, 21.02.2015, 17:32
I have the same problem. Moving a card to the front causes watchface disappear, which shouldn't happen.
John, 22.02.2015, 12:00
I experience similar issue.
Isaac, 26.02.2015, 01:53
Same problem for me. Major deal breaker.
Jason, 26.02.2015, 11:22
This is resolved for me from the time when I submitted the bug.

In order to have the desired behaviour, change the settings as follows:

settings --> other --> card settings

persist background = "off"
adapt watch = "unchanged"

I hope this resolved it for everyone else experiencing this.

Enrico, 09.07.2015, 20:55
I can't change the background, anyone else has this problem??
AlexCurran, 07.02.2018, 10:27
No further reports - closing bug

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