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Tasker Plugin Send WatchFace does not work properly

When you send through the Tasker plugin a WF, this is not working the same as through WM. A lot of times the face isn't transferred.

Willum , 08.02.2015, 08:21
Idea status: under consideration


Don smoki, 12.03.2015, 03:41
Same prob here watch faces don't get xfered to samsung gear live if there's no fix I would like a refund
AlexCurran, 12.03.2015, 09:26
Make sure you have sent the watch at least once via WatchMaker watch screen before using Tasker.
dean, 24.03.2015, 23:19
It does not send to my gear live but it seems to be an issue with watchmaker as nothing works from the app but if I'm in tasker and run the task manually it works
I have enabled external access and sent the watch face before
please either fix our let me know what I can do

Artur, 24.07.2017, 19:59
Same here, some variables sometime just wount apply. A have a single Taskwr task to apply several vars and I can see on a preview in the phone app that it received all my vars, but on the watch some vars just woun't update even if I try to update the watch face manually.
Artur, 27.07.2017, 07:40
Doesn't matter, just a Tasker's priority thing.

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