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Yahoo weather bug

Yahoo weather not automatic updating if it using gps location if it used manual location it is ok
in Yahoo weather {wcl} {wr} not working
wind and pressure only in imperial units pressure in inches wind in miles

pashka79, 12.02.2015, 08:35
Idea status: under consideration


Chess, 27.01.2016, 04:34
I am having the same problem. Android 5.1.1 on Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile note: I had a 5.1.1 security push about a week ago. Did not notice the issue then, but could have overlooked it. Also of note - switching to OpenWeatherMap does work with GPS, but does not appear to pull in the correct low temp for today, tomorrow and the next day. After reading this comment, I changed the GPS weather location to manual location and entered my ZIP code and the Yahoo weather is now working.
Chess, 27.01.2016, 04:37
Actually I just noticed the original comment was over a month ago. And in my case it seems nothing was updating in Yahoo while in GPS location. Watch being used is Moto 360 1st gen.
John, 21.02.2016, 04:31
As of today Yahoo Weather will not update if set to GPS for location, however using a manually entered location will update. Everything seems to display correctly then.

OpenWeather doesn't seem to load the high or the low temp for the day, and the windspeed is in thousandths of mph.
John, 23.03.2016, 17:49
Well, it was working for a short time, but now Yahoo! weather is broken again if using Device GPS
Melissa Baatz, 10.10.2016, 03:15
Same issue. I have the yahoo app and weather is different from what's on the watch when set to Yahoo.
Alice, 10.11.2018, 16:37
Although I have set the weather to Fahrenheit, and the watch displays the capital "F", the temperature numbers are always all in Celsius! Can this be corrected?
Schwarrs, 24.09.2020, 03:48
I to am unable to change the °C to °F even though I have selected °F in the settings. Why did I pay for premium service?

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