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weather check interval has no effect

The automatic weather refresh does not work. Only when the App is opened on the phone, the weather is updated.

Ulrich Kotitschke , 12.02.2015, 11:36
Idea status: under consideration


Steve Mader, 25.03.2015, 02:26
I'm having the same issue, but for a manually entered location only.
Steve Mader, 25.03.2015, 02:26
I'm having the same issue, but for a manually entered location only.
Desman, 26.01.2016, 14:39
It appears the yahoo weather stopped working.
John, 22.02.2016, 04:09
Simon Tubb, 18.05.2016, 10:56
Yes same issue weather not updating in addition to that location is also not updating.
JohnofBothwell, 02.06.2016, 09:19
Same issue. I have tried OpenWeatherMap, Yahoo Weather, and Weather Underground. also tried 30 mins and 1 hour. No updating on any setting. I can manually update by going into the properties on Watchmaker, then properties, and pressing 'Refresh Weather Now'. Very, VERY annoying.
Loochie, 05.08.2016, 13:47
Now mine updated too much. I have interval set to 12 hours and wunderground keeps saying I'm requesting updates at 16 per hour which exceeds the api agreement. Please fix this asap
Marco75, 31.10.2016, 17:22
Same problem here, weather and location is not updating
RogueQD, 14.01.2017, 06:13
I have tried all the weather providers using manual location and openweather using gps. None update automatically although setting a tap action to update weather works. Huawei watch.
RogueQD, 14.01.2017, 08:52
Adding this script works as a work around. 0.02084 is 30 mins.

var_wudt = 0

function on_second(dt)
if {dtp} > var_wudt + 0.02084 or {dtp} < var_wudt - 0.5 then
var_wudt = {dtp}
RogueQD, 16.01.2017, 17:09
Even with the script I wrote above, when I wake up in the morning the weather doesn't update until/unless I open the watchmaker app on my phone.
AlexCurran, 23.02.2017, 13:47
Are you referring to location or weather updates?

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