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Curved Text Not Positioned Correctly in Small View

When the watch face is displayed smaller because of a notification (upper image, see forum post, link below) -- the weather condition and time (upper right curved text, not the center text) is inside the ring rather than on the ring.

The lower image, normal size, is what I'm expecting the watch face to look like.

I think the issue is related to having a Text Effect / Outline assigned to the curved text.

Earlier versions of the watch design only had the weather condition without the outline. The re-sizing worked fine. I added the time with an outline because I thought it helped the visibility. I added it to the weather. Now they are not displayed where they should be displayed.

Much of the watch face rotates based on the {sax}*7 value.

The forum link is below which includes the photo. I can send the watch face to you if that would be helpful.




Richard Hendricks , 12.02.2015, 14:54
Idea status: under consideration


Trappicut, 30.09.2018, 13:23
Curved text is not aligned properly when alignement is different than center

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