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Crash when clicking preview image

Issue with the new Opulence Six Barrel face http://facerepo.com/app/faces/details/opulence-six-barrel-14b8ed2ced5

Every time I try to open this in WatchMaker Premium (build 3.3.0 Premium) on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the WatchMaker app crashes. I have restarted both watch and phone but same issue.

In the WatchMaker premium "My Watches" screen, if I click the 3 dot overflow menu below the face, I can "Set Watchface" and it loads on my LG G Watch R, however if I click the face preview the app crashes.

I have removed and reinstalled WatchMaker Premium, re-downloaded the watch face and restarted both phone and watch.

Have also had WatchMaker crash a couple of times.

I have been in touch with Frank, the watch face developer however he hasn't had any other reports of this happening.

Richard , 16.02.2015, 04:31
Idea status: under consideration


Daniel , 12.05.2015, 22:25
I get this but with 2-3 other watch faces. I could click the previews earlier but suddenly the app crashes every time I try with only these faces.
HTC One M8 with latest official WatchMaker.

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