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compass and heading stop working on watch face

Have a compass and heading on my watch face and it stops working after a while. I went back into the editor, had to delete the compass and put a new one on the face. Resent the face to my watch and it worked again. But after a while it stopped, again. Please fix...

Matt , 16.02.2015, 20:08
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AlexCurran, 11.06.2015, 10:52
Are you using Moto 360? Moto 360 does not have a proper compass, only accelerometer - can look like it works, but it doesn't have correct hardware
David I, 07.12.2015, 16:10
Hi there, I have the same problem only that with me the compass feature doesn't work period. The watch I have is the Huawei. Does this watch supoert such feature? Or will it in the future?
rdq, 03.01.2016, 02:39
I just upgraded from a Zenwatch to a Huawei. The face design I have been using includes a compass, which worked fine on the Zenwatch but does not work at all on the Huawei. I have tried powering the watch off and on, resyncing the apps, and resyncing the watch face. I've also experimented with other compass tags besides the raw bearing and all of them show straight north all the time.

My third party compass app called Bearing works perfectly on my new watch as well as the old one, so I don't think this is an underlying issue with the watch or even the APIs. Is there any information I can provide that would help you troubleshoot this issue? I would be happy to load up a custom version or run tests for you.

rdq, 05.01.2016, 02:37
I just found out that the Huawei Watch does not have a magnetic sensor, which explains why the compass feature is not working on that particular model. :-}

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