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Watchface with calender events crashes on LG G Watch R

To display calendar events I tried to use following shapes (only relevant infos for the first calendar event):

Shape: Circle
Rotation: {c1br}
Color: {c1c}
Display: Always
Shader: Segment
Degrees: (({c1ep}<{c1bp} and 1+{c1ep}-{c1bp} or {c1ep}-{c1bp})>=0.5) and {c1br}-0.001 or ({c1ep}-{c1bp}<0.02083333 and {c1ep}>={c1bp} and {c1br}+15 or {c1er})-{c1br}
% opacity in range: (({c1ep}<{c1bp} or string.sub("{c1t}",3,5)==".: ") and 1+{c1ep}-{dtp} or {c1ep}-{dtp})>0.5 and 0 or (("{c1b}"=="01:00" and "{c1e}"=="01:00") and 0 or 100)

When I use only one or two of such shapes e.g. for event1 and event2, then the watchface works a longer time without crash. When I use 3 up to 6 shapes to show more events, the LG G Watch R crashes within a short time (within the next half an hour) and the display shows a noise pattern.
I have to press and hold the Button to restart the watch then, because it does not respond any more. I've also tried it with "Segment Between" shader, but it causes the same problems.

For all day events I use additional shapes (little circles e.g. dots) with the same LUA syntax in opacity but without the "Segment-Degrees-LUA-syntax" above. These all day events work properly.
So I guess the problem is located within the LUA-syntax in the Segment-Degrees.

Tom1608, 24.02.2015, 12:06
Idea status: under consideration


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