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Shader Color Change Bug

I am trying to change the color of a shape with a shader with a formula and it is not working. It appears to be a bug. Here is what I have experienced:

The simple formula I was using for testing is ds less than 30 and 00ff00 or ff0000. Yes I know that syntax is not correct, but when I try and put the syntax in this post the text after the first part of the formula is cutoff. The formula works on a shape without a shader, but once you add the shader it does not work. The same thing happens if you add the formula after the shader has been set. Segment, Segment Between and Radar all have the same problem. I did get the color to change... sort of. Here is what you can do to reproduce what I am seeing:

1. Create a shape with a shader then add the formula above, then watch the shader for a minute to see it doesn't change back and forth from green to red every 30 seconds.
2. If the color of the shader is currently green then wait until the time is between 0 and 30 seconds and then exit back to the home screen and the 'My Watches' list.
3. Now wait until the time is between 30 and 60 seconds, then open the watch from your list of watches. The color should now be red.
4. If the color of the shader is red after initially setting the formula, then reverse the procedure in step 2 and 3. The color that is initially set depends on when you save the formula. Save the formula between 0 and 30 seconds, green. Saved between 30 and 60, red.

When you send the face to the watch, the watch displays whichever color WatchMaker is showing when it is sent, however it doesn't change between colors on the watch either. I have tested this in WatchMaker on 2 different devices, and with 2 different watches with the same results.

Here is a link to a simple watch using the formula: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45344025/shader-color-change-bug.watch

markmeyers, 24.02.2015, 23:25
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