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watchface is not showing in up-to-date time when turning on in non-ambient screen mode or navigating back

I have a moto360, when I turn off the ambient screen mode. If the watch screen is off at 1:30 and turning on at 2:00, the first rendered screen will still showing the time as 1:30, and it updates to 2:00 on the next rendered frame, it looks visually bad.

This issue also happens when a card is showing or an app is showing, the first rendered screen after navigates back to the watch face will also showing the time before the card is show or the app is entered.

Could you fix the issue, or give me a tag to indicate the screen is going to suspend, so I can render a full black screen to hide the outdated time when the screen is on again?

mammalwong, 18.03.2015, 13:11
Idea status: under consideration


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