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tasker 'tasks' no longer running from lua script

I can send tasker variables to watchmaker when I run the task in tasker. However, I cannot innitiate a task from watchmaker, (e.g., wm_event('m_task:MyTask') doesn't run).

Reg , 27.03.2015, 03:46
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Jan, 20.07.2015, 11:54
Same for me. Even though the command is:

Andrew, 03.08.2015, 04:54
Same for me :( This is really bugging me and I still can't find an answer after lots of searching. Is it a widespread issue? Or something unique about a particular hardware/software configuration?
I'm using android wear 5.1 on my LG Urbane watch. Running latest tasker from my sony xperia Z3.
And yes, all appropriate apps have access permisions in settings.
Any ideas appreciated!
Maciej, 15.09.2015, 13:07
the same story, it was very important feature for me.
manfred, 12.11.2015, 20:48
you should try

this work for me ;-)
RobbH, 21.11.2015, 22:22
This happened to me after switching to a new phone. I was able to correct the problem with this sequence:

1. uninstall Watchmaker and Tasker
2. reboot
3. re-install Tasker
4. reboot
5. re-install Watchmaker
Utse, 19.01.2017, 18:41

The problem is still there, even after re-installing Watchmaker and Tasker. Lua-script can't trigger any tasks in Tasker on your phone. I'm running on Marshmallow with an LG Urbane 2 4G. Any ideas please? I've been searching for days...

Thanks in advance!
Jan, 03.09.2017, 19:10
Thanks for this perfect app!

I also have this problem on a Samsung S8 with the last Tasker and Watchmaker.
Using the procedure above (uninstall etc) did not help either, tried it more then once.
Jan, 30.09.2017, 10:10
Sorry I made a mistake I placed a = between the command.

So I used wm_action=('m_task:MyTask') where I had to use:
wm_action('m_task:MyTask') without the = and now it works great!

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