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Time interval vibration in "no interruptions"

The Time Interval setting (ie, vibrate x times at 1 hour, etc.) does not respect the interruptions setting on the watch. If there is priority or no interruptions, the watch will still buzz at the time interval indicated. This is particularly annoying at night when priority notifications are selected on my phone/watch. I have a 3x buzz to happen every hour, but it should respect the notification settings on my watch/phone and therefore I think this is a bug, not a feature request. Otherwise, add a "do not interrupt" time range.

mmark27, 14.04.2015, 18:55
Idea status: under consideration


Wddot, 20.10.2015, 13:14
I agree. Have a moto360, and the stock watchfaces do not vibrate on notifications when on the charging dock.(i believe it stops the low priority notifications)

I cannot use watchmaker because of the same reason, keeps vibrating when i receive email in the middle of the night. Have to remember to switch to a stock watchfaces before going to bed.

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