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curved text misplaced when alignment not centered

Curved text is only positioned correct, when text alignment is center. But I need fx alignment left. When going into dim mode, the text jumps away and stays misplaced, when going into normal mode.

I want to display a calendar text on top of a ring, which shows the duration of an event. But because of this bug, it is not possible.

Per Hiller , 04.05.2015, 14:22
Idea status: under consideration


Son, 08.05.2015, 13:34
Confirmed with 3.6 version
shane pollard, 12.02.2016, 17:28
Specifically for me, the alignment displays properly on the phone WatchMaker app but the alignment displays differently on the watch face on the actual watch.

Did not have this problem until recent (12 Feb 2016) Marshmallow update for Android Wear. 1st gen Moto 360. Unfortunately I do no know the exact version of what my moto 360 was running previously, however it was up-to-date at that point, and the alignment was working (what the phone app represented was the same as what the watch face displayed on the watch).

Android Wear
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Android OS
lvlrdka22, 06.07.2017, 22:23
Still not fixed in the latest version. Positioning is fine immediately after face is sent to watch, but as soon as screen dims or turns off, the positioning goes out of whack, until the text is updated, then it looks fine again until screen dims or turns off again.
This happens on both the app on phone and watch.
Trappicut, 30.09.2018, 13:25
Same for me
Marco, 24.11.2019, 16:46
Still not working, immediately works, but shifting from dimmed

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