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Wathcmaker crashes constantly after upgrading to 3.7

Wathcmaker crashes constantly after upgrading to 3.7. Using Android 4.4.2 in Galaxy Note 3 and LG G Watch R

guilleall , 09.05.2015, 06:54
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Brad Mitchell, 09.05.2015, 20:06
It's doing the same on a Moto G 2nd gen running android 5.0.2 connected to LG G watch R.
Luca Del Bon, 13.09.2015, 19:17
WM premium crashes frequently after upgrade on LG watch Urbane connected to LG G4 with android 5.1.
Ivan, 15.02.2016, 00:50
I am having the same problem. I need to reset the watch every single time. Is there a way to resolve it?
Luca Del Bon,, 15.02.2016, 06:04
Solved with a full hard reset.
Yes, i' e lost all my watchfaces in the operation without a backup function.
John Raynor, 21.07.2016, 18:53
Since my Huawei p8 had an upgrade WM isn't responding anymore. Pls send fix.
John Raynor

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