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Timer on watch link is alarm on watch

Ik You link text it links alarm instead of set timer (on watch) can you please fix?

Ben , 25.05.2015, 02:38
Idea status: under consideration


Anke Mos, 11.07.2015, 07:23
Yeah, same here. Would love to have the Timer function. But always get the alarm function. Hope that is fixed soon.

AW, 04.11.2015, 14:57
Please, i use the timer function for work and would like to have a shortcut on my face that works without some other timer app
DDC, 23.07.2016, 09:47
I'm having the same problem with my Moto watch. In your app, the function to launch a watch application, in this case the timer, launches the alarm application. Selecting the alarm application also launches the alarm application.
Should be a simple fix.

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