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Watch face does not fit the watch

Whenever I select an watch face it get shifted below and a blank space is seen on the top !! And the i have moto 360 !! Tried many watch faces

Arunav tiwari , 30.06.2015, 07:29
Idea status: under consideration


Eric , 31.08.2015, 21:24
I have the same problem...
Syed, 10.09.2015, 18:35
Facing same issue on all watch faces, all was good bit once is updated to latest moto360 updated this problem started ocuuring.
mayong, 29.09.2015, 01:45
I got the same problem´╝îand all face are shifted up a bit.
AlexCurran, 29.09.2015, 08:17
Make sure you have the latest version of WatchMaker 3.9.3

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