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tap action to open weather app fails (opens agenda)

add a tap action to a watch feature and select 'Watch: Select Application' and then select Weather
Using this does not open Weather on the watch, it opens Agenda instead.

djb, 24.09.2015, 02:46
Idea status: under consideration


djb, 24.09.2015, 02:49
I have a G Watch R and Android Wear, WatchMaker 3.9.3 Premium
Ju Lien, 25.09.2015, 18:28

Exact same problem for me on an Lg watch Urbane; please note that my watch is in French; why am I telling this is:
- On Watchmaker, select tap action, then watch: select application, then select mto (weather is météo in French, listed in the list as mto), once done, I can see Watch:Météo (but listing was mto?!)
Jh, 01.10.2015, 12:21
Same problem I have, too.

Mine is moto 360.
Onno, 02.10.2015, 10:23
Same problem here on a LG G Watch R.
Android wear 1.3 and Watchmaker 3.9.3.
Chris, 02.10.2015, 19:51
Same here on a Moto 360 (1st gen). Android wear and WatchMaker Premium 3.93..

Any updates on this?
Yo!, 02.10.2015, 21:02
You can count three more vote, taking account of "Tap action open Weather app on watch opens Agenda" subject which is the same...!
Thank you for having a look at this bug, your soft is really awsome!!!
ConsoleTVMan, 13.10.2015, 15:30
Same problem Moto 360 Gen 1. Android Wear
Despite this -- 5 stars to Watchmaker!
Buji, 16.10.2015, 18:34
One more on Huawei Watch
Mesonyswr50, 07.11.2015, 14:42
Same here on an Sony smartwatch 3 SWR 50
Ju Lien, 11.11.2015, 20:29
Despite recent update of WatchMaker, bug still present... exact same behavior, at least with French interface.. thanks for trying to solve this issue!
Artem, 14.11.2015, 05:06
Not sure if I need to create another bug for this - same happens with Stopwatch app. If I select Stopwatch app to be launched, Timer is launched instead. Watchmaker 3.9.5, LG GWatch Urbane.
Komi, 02.02.2016, 13:23
Same problem on lg watch urbane
djb, 02.02.2016, 23:54
This started working for me on my LG G watch R, 3.9.6 Premium, Android Wear,gms
Mirco Frye, 10.02.2016, 08:21
When i try to open the Wear Mini Launcher it opens the Settings from the Launcher, i think its kind of the same problem
nick, 20.02.2016, 15:44
same problem after the android wear update to Dutch
before the English version worked fine
old made faces in English with tap action weather works
new version with tap action weer (Dutch for weather) doesn't work
work fine if I open in watch menu
Kaa, 24.02.2016, 06:17
It's a language feature. :')

The workaround is to switch your phone to English. Create your Tap Action for weather. Switch back to your local language on your phone.
Marc, 10.09.2016, 23:12
Same problem for Tap opens Agenda instead of Weather
came99, 22.09.2016, 12:45
Yep.. Same but different here: Everytime I am trying to make a clickable image on my watchface open "Autowear Voice Search" it opens the "Autovoice Settings" instead. Launching the proper apps normally works fine.

Autowears creator says that it is a problem with the way Watchmaker opens apps.. So 1+ for fixing this. It was was on the brink of driving me crazy until I found this thread.

Otherwise props up for a great app, but this is highly annoying
came99, 22.09.2016, 12:49
Is there a reply from the developer on this? I paid for this product and is quite baffled to see such a major issue still present a year after the first report.
AlexCurran, 12.10.2016, 10:51
Fixed in WM 3.9.9f
Noweat, 10.02.2017, 14:31
Any word about this issue. I keep getting the same bugs. Also Asus Weather opens the flashlight. I do have my system in English. Is there at least a workaround?

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