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Tasker integration seems broken in Marshmallow

I am no longer able to run Tasker tasks from Watchmaker. Sony Smartwatch 3 paired with Nexus 6P running Android 6. Watchmaker still receives variables from Tasker, but wm_action('m_task:mytask') commands do not work, from the watch or from the Watchmaker app on the phone.

The same watchface still works on two phones running Lollipop. On the problem phone, Tasker has been set up with beginner mode turned off and external access turned on. I am not aware of any other settings I need to change for this to work, but would be happy to be informed of any.

RobbH, 09.11.2015, 20:01
Idea status: under consideration


RobbH, 11.11.2015, 13:52
Might not be connected to Marshmallow, after all. I see the same issue has been reported previously: http://watchmaker-bugs.idea.informer.com/proj/?ia=92940
RobbH, 21.11.2015, 22:19
This issue is invalid. The problem has nothing to do with Marshmallow. It was corrected by uninstalling both Watchmaker and Tasker, then reinstalling Tasker, and finally reinstalling Watchmaker. Not sure it was necessary, but I rebooted after each step.

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