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Watch face scale / offset bug on Huawei Watch

EDIT: I have now found out that this is a feature in the Android Wear OS that reduces risk of image burning on watches with OLED screens. While it makes some watch faces look bad in the sleep mode, I now understand its importance.

When the watch is in sleep mode (display on, but dimmed, slow update rate) the entire watch face position and / or scaling seems to be off. This problem only seems to appear when the face is updated while in the sleep mode, when entering the sleep mode or exiting it the face appears as it should.

How to reproduce:
1. Install on Huawei Watch (Android Wear, Android OS 5.1.1)
2. Set Always-on display mode on the watch
3. Set watch face to e.g. river watch o&b
4. Wait until the watch enters sleep mode
5. Observe as the watch face gets updated while in sleep mode, the whole image shifts a few pixels
6. Wake the watch, the display returns to correct alignment

Please fix this, as it makes the whole app pretty much unusable with watch faces that fill the screen. The offset jump is very visible and gives a cheap look.

Metalfusion, 28.11.2015, 08:28
Idea status: under consideration


HWAM, 07.01.2016, 18:14
Is this a bug or a feature against image burning? I think it's a bug. What is one pixel doing. It will burn in anyway. Do you have more information about this? I hate this. Please tell me if you know more.
Tomi, 07.01.2016, 19:19
I have now noticed that this happens even with the built-in charging screen, and it actually moves the watch face several pixels in some pattern. Even a single pixel offset diagonally could help with screen burn if the sleep mode graphics are made with a grid pattern fill like a checker board or are just a single pixel wide lines.
Ryan Andrews, 28.11.2017, 00:21

I'm having this same issue on the new Ticwatch S. For me, it seems to happen randomly after I update the watch face. Sometimes the whole face will become offset byt about 1/3 of the width of the screen and if I click the button on the side of my watch, the screen doesn't brighten up, it acts as if it's frozen, even though the watch will still vibrate if I recieve a notification. After a few seconds it fixes itself though.

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